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With the autonomy of the Avengers at stake, it's safe to say there will be plenty of shifting alliances in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), but we didn't expect to see the members of the same team fight each other. And yet, this is exactly what Entertainment Tonight's new behind the scenes video shows, as old friends Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers seem to be at odds.

But is this Bucky, or the remnants of his brainwashed assassin Winter Soldier persona?

Civil War will explore how Bucky Barnes is regaining his memories and former identity, but it's possible that some part of his Winter Soldier conditioning remains... and it's pitting him against Captain America.

Bucky vs. Cap

The footage shows Bucky and Steve fighting in civilian clothes, with Bucky beating Steve back through this office building into the elevator.

So, what causes this conflict? If we piece this together with what we know already, we can start to work out the chronology and why Bucky might be turning on his teammate. And this sequence of events seems to go right back to the Ant-Man post-credits scene.

In this clip, Steve and Bucky are both wearing the same clothes as in the new footage, but we can tell the scene happens before their fight, as Sam Wilson and Steve seem to have discovered Bucky after months of searching for him.

This scene probably takes place after the Avengers have been told about the Sokovia Accords, and how their actions will now be determined by a UN council. After all, Sam says:

"This would have been a lot easier a week ago."

And when Steve suggests they go to Tony Stark for help, Sam comments that his hands will probably be tied by the Accords.

Considering the Winter Soldier is a fugitive, who is no doubt wanted by many countries, it seems this moment could be the catalyst for Captain America taking a stand against the Accords. The UN council who now controls the Avengers might want to arrest Bucky for crimes he committed as the Winter Soldier. As Steve says, "we're on our own." But not for long.

Tony Stark Intervenes

Again, thanks to the clothes we can assume that what happens next leads to Tony Stark confronting Bucky, and Bucky straight up shooting Tony in the face. Or trying to, at least.

We don't have enough information to work out why Bucky is attacking Tony, but it could have something to do with the fact that the Winter Soldier probably killed Tony's parents.

And now we seem to be all caught up with what we saw in the new footage. It's likely that Steve tries to break up this fight, causing Bucky to retaliate and attack his old friend instead. But the two are fighting side by side soon; the new footage also showed Bucky and Steve fighting some German police officers.

The officers have "Polizei" on their uniforms, meaning that this sequence probably takes place in Germany, perhaps at Leipzig airport, as this is where Team Cap and Team Iron Man have their epic showdown.

Regaining His Identity

So, what exactly is going on with Bucky Barnes? The Russo brothers commented to Empire that Civil War will show Bucky's journey to become a new person.

"His memories are foggy, but he has them. He’s also different now. There’s a part of his personality that was under mind control, and he murdered a lot of people. How does that character move forward? He’s not Bucky Barnes anymore. He’s not the Winter Soldier anymore. He’s something in between."

If the new footage does come soon after Steve and Sam discover Bucky then perhaps he's still fighting the remnants of his Winter Soldier conditioning, which could explain why he's throwing punches at Steve. But the two seem to resolve their issues, as they're shown fighting side by side later.

Team Cap v Team Stark in Civil War
Team Cap v Team Stark in Civil War

Of course, by then the conflict between the Avengers has well and truly kicked off. If this really is all about Bucky's freedom, at least we know that he's definitely not the Winter Soldier anymore, though he isn't the man he used to be either. Whatever resolves this conflict, here's hoping that Bucky gets a second chance at a free life.

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