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Ben Affleck has revealed that the giant technicolor phoenix rising majestically from his butt crack is nothing but a marker pen imposter in a brand new interview from the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) press marathon.

Ben Affleck's tattoo
Ben Affleck's tattoo

Mario Lopez of Extra used his precious minutes with both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill to get to the bottom of the real or fake phoenix debate, and the 43-year-old star quickly dismissed rumors he has been permanently inked. The convo went a little something like this:

Mario: The tat on your back – real or fake for a movie?

Ben: Fake for a movie.

Mario: But you’re not at liberty to talk about it?

Ben: I actually do have a number of tattoos… but I try to have them in places where you don’t have to do a lot of cover up… they get sort of addictive, tattoos, after awhile.

You can watch the whole video below and judge for yourself whether you think Affleck is preaching the truth:

The movie set where Affleck was papped with his tat out was for Live By Night and the official synopsis seems to support the idea that the phoenix could have been a temporary manifestation, it reads:

"A story set in the Prohibition Era and centered around a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime."

Tattoos were seen as a sign of criminality back in the roaring twenties and beyond, so it's totally viable Ben's character could be rocking the colorful mythical bird to show off his mobster credentials.

Another snap of Affleck on the Live By Night set
Another snap of Affleck on the Live By Night set

If the tattoo is temporary, it must have been lurking around for long enough to merit a comment from Affleck's ex-wife Jennifer Garner. While the media speculated the bold ink could symbolize Ben rising out of his ten-year-long marriage, Garner made light of the situation by joking with Vanity Fair that:

"You know what we would say in my hometown about that? 'Bless his heart,' a phoenix rising from the ashes. Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take umbrage. I refuse to be the ashes."

While some Affleck fans will be sad to see the resplendent legendary rebirth symbol go, I for one am so glad that Ed Hardy looking dirty bird has been knocked off its flaming perch. Thoughts?


Are you glad Ben Affleck's tatt is temporary?

(Source: Extra)


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