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After a rather devastating end to this week's episode of The Walking Dead, it looks like next week's installment will also be fraught with emotion. When Daryl receives the news of a missing Carol, it appears as if he heads off in search of her. Meanwhile, back at Alexandria, things are tense as Rick prepares for the Saviors' attack.

In order to ready us for the penultimate episode of Season 6 (I know, the season has gone so damn fast!) AMC have released its usual 30-second promo video, along with the slightly longer sneak peek.

Take a look at them both below.

The promo starts with Tobin showing Rick the letter that Carol left behind.

In the next shot it looks like Rick's about to mobilize the troops as he asks Tobin when Carol left. Tobin replies, "I don't know, some time in the night, I never heard her go."

In the meantime, ominous footage flashes, consisting of a car with a flat tire, bloodied spikes similar to the ones that sit outside the gates of Alexandria, and blood dripping on the ground.

While Rick isn't the only one upset by Carol's departure, Daryl roars out of Alexandria on his newly recovered bike, leaving Glenn asking, "What the hell is he doing?" However, while the promo makes it look like Daryl is going after Carol, there's also another person he wants to find after this week's episode — Dwight.

What do you think? Is Daryl looking to find Carol, or to get revenge on Dwight?

Daryl seems to carry on his search on foot, with Michonne finding his motorcycle hidden under bushes — or perhaps he was stopped by someone else.

As we hear Glenn say that "Daryl's gonna get himself killed," the scene cuts to Daryl trekking across a field armed with his crossbow.

Over at Alexandria, Rick tells everyone, "No-one else leaves, everyone stays ready for a fight." The promo ends with an armed Sasha on watch at the wall lookout, Carl picking up a gun and Glenn telling Michonne, "The world's not what we thought it was. It's bigger."

Damn! From the look of things, while people are certainly panicked that Carol has left, Rick is keen to keep everyone's mind on the fact that the Saviors are probably going to show up at Alexandria and that the town needs to be armed and ready to fight back.

The big question for me is whether or not Daryl, Glenn, Rosita and Michonne — who all appear at some point in the promo to be outside the walls of Alexandria — are looking for Carol or Dwight. Let me know your thoughts of this in the comments bellow and also what you think we should expect in Episode 15.

While the promo is full of tension and uncertainty, the longer sneak peek is a bit more relaxed. Take a look.

It's a pretty intimate glimpse this week as we're taken into Rick and Michonne's bedroom! After the two share an apple in bed, Rick simply remarks, "This is good," before they go on to talk about how Jesus and the team at the Hilltop Colony came through for them and will continue to come through in the future. Michonne then talks about how Maggie wants her and Glenn to put up more watch points, but Rick has other plans. Unfortunately for Rick, the fear of an angry Maggie quashes their alone time and the clip ends with him telling her to go.

It's a pretty tame glance this week, though I thought it nicely illustrated the growing trade relationship between Hilltop and Alexandria. Not to mention that Maggie's role as a leader is clearly continuing to develop, what with the talk of adding more watch points.

Lastly, there was one other thing that I thought was kind of cool. As many fans know, whenever a clock is shown in the series, it usually points to a time that corresponds to both the season and episode. Next weeks will be Episode 15 of Season 6, and the clock just so happened to have one hand pointing close to the six, and another hand between the seven and eight, and what does seven plus eight equal? Fifteen!

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 15, 'East,' on Sunday, March 27 on AMC.

What are you expecting from Episode 15?


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