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A challenge of superhero length has been set by blogger Geekritique with the calculation of the runtime of all MCU treats if watched back-to-back.

The Marvel-ous marathon of watching all MCU productions consecutively would take you more than 122 hours. You'd probably need a friend of servile nature, like an Alpha Primitive, to bring you popcorn and mop your chin.

An Inhuman subclass Alpha Primitive.|Source: Marvel
An Inhuman subclass Alpha Primitive.|Source: Marvel

This would take a mammoth three-and-a-half times the average American working week (length 33.4 hours), if you were to do it humanely. But Marvel doesn't expect human acts now, does it.

Calculating this is harder than it might first seem — do you include upcoming shows? What about DVD extras that fill in gaps between movies? And Marvel superhero pictures not produced by Marvel Studios?

Meet the whole gang in one sitting.|Source: Marvel
Meet the whole gang in one sitting.|Source: Marvel

Geekritque has included in the sum unreleased shows such as the new season of Daredevil, upcoming episodes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America: Civil War and the WHiH Newsfront web series on Ant-Man.

However, the list does not include those with unconfirmed runtimes such as Luke Cage, Marvel's Most Wanted or Doctor Strange, as observed.

Also cut was everything before Iron Man in 2008 — including the first Hulk; the movies of X-Men, Daredevil and Wolverine; and the Spider-Man trilogy of Tobey Maguire, because they don't technically exist in the MCU. They are owned by other studios like Fox and Sony.

If you were to include these the MCU journey without a break might actually kill you. I do not seriously recommend you watch them back-to-back, as sleep deprivation combined with total Marvel submersion could make you weird and ill.

Geekritique also supplied a recommended chronological viewing order. This would also have been a head-scratcher as the universe has been made incredibly complicated by the volume and variety of franchises.

Check Out The Order Here:

Source: Geekritique
Source: Geekritique

The timeline begins with Captain America: The First Avenger from 2011 (124 minutes) and ends fittingly with Captain America: Civil War from May 2016 (147 minutes).

Now is the time to watch, as according to Redditor 'Nhhrtgrd' the MCU has been expanding so rapidly that runtime has been doubling every year! See the calculation:

  • 2008: 4 hours
  • 2009: 4 hours
  • 2010: 6 hours
  • 2011: 10 hours
  • 2012: 13 hours
  • 2013: 24 hours
  • 2014: 44 hours

Do you accept the challenge?

Source: Geekritique


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