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Despite reports that the worldwide casting of a young Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars spinoff movie has been narrowed down to three choices, it seems that one of them could be just a rumor.

During his appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Taron Egerton revealed he hadn't been contacted by Disney for the role of Han Solo, despite reports that he was among the few who'd made it onto the shortlist.

'Lucasfilm, Disney, You Know Where I Am'

When asked about the apparent casting, the young Kingsman: The Secret Service star admitted it was all unbeknownst to him, but he wouldn't refuse the part if it came down to it:

"I've heard this rumor, yes. I mean I've seen the stuff on the Internet, and I think any lad of my age would kill to play a part like that. It's very, very flattering. I've no idea if there's any truth in it but I mean, Lucasfilm, Disney, if there is then you know where I am."

From 2,500 Auditions To Three Potential Actors

Last week, The Hollywood Reporter claimed the casting was down to just three actors, from a pool of 2,500 initial auditions: Hail, Caesar!'s Alden Ehrenreich, Transformers' Jack Reynor and Taron Egerton. Could THR have gotten it wrong? But if Egerton doesn't turn out to be Han Solo, at least we now know that he does a fantastic Chewbacca impression.

Egerton in "Eddie The Eagle" / 20th Century Fox
Egerton in "Eddie The Eagle" / 20th Century Fox

The young British star made his breakthrough alongside Colin Firth in Kingsman and also plays the titular Olympic ugly duckling in Eddie The Eagle, alongside Hugh Jackman.

Who do you think should play a young Han Solo?


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