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Justin Bieber has made no secret of the fact that when the wind blows he still hears the word Selenaaaaaaa gently whispering past his ears — and the young romantic has posted yet another snap of the glory days of lip-locking with his first love on Instagram.

The post which is simply and soppily captioned with the word "Feels" also seemed to pique the interest of non other than Gomez herself, who took the time to comment on the image.

A screen cap from British newspaper The Mirror appears to show at Selena might still harbor a spark for the Biebz as an account that appears to belong to the Disney darling wrote "perfect" in response.

Both Gomez and Bieber have spoken out publicly about the end of their high profile relationship and the pair seem to have nothing but respect for each other despite the split.

Selena recently spoke out to let fans know how her feelings for Bieber were so deep that he ended up breaking her heart, she explained to interviewers that:

"At first I didn’t care. To me it was: I’m 18, I have a boyfriend, we look cute together, we like that. Then I got my heart broken and I cared. Because people had no idea what was going on, but everywhere it was a million different things. I was kind of in a corner, banging my head against the wall. I didn’t know where to go."

Gomez and Bieber before they split in 2014
Gomez and Bieber before they split in 2014

Meanwhile, Bieber has maintained that he still loves his ex dearly, he told Access Hollywood that:

"[She] is someone I love dearly. I'm never going to stop loving her. I'm never going to stop checking in on her. I don't think if you end a relationship, you should end that, unless it was super toxic and you guys were hurting each other physically or mentally. We always respected each other and we still respect each other.”

Who knows what Justin's newest flame Hailey Baldwin thinks about all of this, but seeing as they aren't an "exclusive couple" there is a chance Jelena could ride again.


Would you like to see Jelena get back together again?

(Source: The Mirror via Access Hollywood)


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