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We sometimes forget that before he bedded what seems like every single model to ever walk the Victoria's Secret show and scooped up that long-awaited Oscar for The Revenant, Leonardo DiCaprio was just a young kid trying to make it in the business.

Today, he's arguably the most successful actor in Hollywood, having charmed us into submission as he's moved his way up from the very bottom in the film industry. In celebration of this, it's only apt that we dig up one of his very first interviews.

Twenty-five years ago, a baby faced Leo made his acting debut on the set of Growing Pains starring as Luke Brower in the sitcom. Here he is at the age of 16 and looking so cute that it hurts to exist, just a little bit:

Watch Leo giggle his way through a short chit-chat with Entertainment Tonight on the set of his first big break — and keep an eye out for how much his interview technique has changed over the decades:

Just look at that cheeky grin!

Is that video the cutest thing you've ever seen?


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