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If you were called out on-stage at a show, would you manage to hum a few lines? Or would you earn the Stutterer Of The Year Award? We all know fans who have shown off their stunning vocals when covering their favorite artist's hits, but there's a world of difference between lip-syncing with a hairbrush in one hand and delivering a solid performance on an actual concert stage.

So when fans found themselves with a mic in hand and absolutely slayed their moment in the spotlight, the people in the audience weren't the only ones to be completely amazed. Here are six stars who just couldn't hide their admiration:

1. Rihanna

Rihanna's currently on her ANTI Tour, but she was certainly not ready for this fan in the front row. During a rendition of "Four Five Seconds," she casually pointed the mic towards a member of the audience, but he had such an amazing voice that she couldn't hide her amazement. Look at her reaction!

2. Beyoncé

The pop diva was so impressed by this fan's impro on "Halo" that she let him sing a little longer than she probably had planned to. Hitting such high notes is clearly not for everyone, so kudos to this one for pulling it off in the middle of a wild crowd.

3. Michael Bublé

Having your mom interrupt a Michael Bublé concert to insist that you sing could be extremely embarrassing, but this fan's night turned out for the best when even the singer was impressed by his vocal abilities.

4. Jessie J

Understandably, it took this girl a little while to get used to the nervousness of being on stage with Jessie J, but with such a nice voice, we're all glad she stuck around.

5. Ed Sheeran

What better way to show a fan you love their take on your song than surprising them with your presence? This girl's performance at the mall wasn't an official Ed Sheeran concert, but clearly he liked it enough to brave the crowd and duet with her. She's amazing for managing to keep on singing when he shows up!

6. Adele

Two Irish guys, Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy, created such a good medley of Adele's songs that she decided to invite them on stage during her concert in Dublin.

Here's the original cover:

What is your favorite fan cover?


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