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If someone as strong as Anakin Skywalker could turn to the Dark Side, then weaker characters would be even easier to convert.

Imagine if the mask of Darth Vader had lifted in The Empire Strikes Back to reveal Jar Jar's withered snout.

Source: Lucasfilm
Source: Lucasfilm

Jar Jar actor Ahmed Best promised never to return to the role again earlier this year, but this didn't stop him from doing his best Darth Jar Jar impression in a video earlier this month.

Best did performed the stunning mash-up in an interview with Jamie Stangroom of YouTube channel These Are The Actors You're Looking For.

In the video, Stangroom asks the 42-year-old actor what his infamous character would sound like as a Sith Lord. Cue epic music. Best does a normal Jar Jar-less husky: "Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Lord."

Ahmed Best
Ahmed Best

This Vader line from Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi does not satisfy Stangroom, who questions why he would not have a "yousa" in there. Best retorts:

"He'd have a different voice, the whole Jar Jar voice would be the facade... 'Cos he's the fool, and the fool always puts on the fool voice but in the background he's really controlling."

Fair play. But Stangroom presses him so Best does a Vader voice in the distinctive Jar Jar style:

"Yousa feeble skills are no match for disa power of disa Dark Side. Grr."
AHH!!! | Source: Murdockmotion
AHH!!! | Source: Murdockmotion

Terrifying! Almost as good as The Force Awakens parody trailer The Binks Awakens by Murdockmotion, which also reimagines the annoying Gungan officer on the Dark Side.

Best played and voiced Jar Jar in three movies and five cartoon episodes of Star Wars. Other than work with George Lucas, he has jammed in the acid jazz group with the wonderful name The Jazzhole and performed in the raucous theater production of Stomp.

Watch the 1 minute 41 second clip:

Which character would you like to hear as a Sith Lord?

Source: Jamie Stangroom


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