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DC Comics's favorite creations have been rejuvenated and catapulted to the expectant eyes of millions, thanks the DC Extended Universe clubbing together their top names, starting with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

It's not particularly surprising then, to find that Batgirl is one of those characters fans are keen to see emerge and become part of the new wave, stimulated by rumors Barbara Gordon's alter ego could appear in BvS.

Is There Already A Potential Batgirl Actress?

(Source: Warner Bros TV)
(Source: Warner Bros TV)

In a recent Q&A with Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist, the 27-year old was asked if there was also any potential that Batgirl could appear on her show. It appears this is something the actress has already considered. She said:

"Chyler Leigh who plays Alex on the show, her and I actually, we kind of have a theory that perhaps, and this is just us, we are not the authority on this, but we think that Alex could make a really good Batgirl.
"She's got all the gear and the gadgets and the D.E.O to make her a really good Batgirl."
Chyler Leigh (left) starring in 'Supergirl' (Source: Warner Bros TV)
Chyler Leigh (left) starring in 'Supergirl' (Source: Warner Bros TV)

Chyler Leigh has appeared on the show since October 2015, playing the role of Alexandra "Alex" Danvers. The 33-year-old actress does have all the capabilities to take on the role of Barbara Gordon, but whether it will actually happen seems unlikely.

You can see the rest of the Q&A below:

Hi! Melissa here at Facebook in New York and I'm ready to take your questions!

Posted by Supergirl on Friday, March 18, 2016

Do you think Chyler Leigh would make a good Batgirl?

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