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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Possibly the best-loved of all horror movie remakes, Zack Snyder's directorial debut Dawn of the Dead turned 12 years old this March and it still looks as fresh as a splash of day-glo red arterial spurt...


Check out these 8 facts you may not have known about 2004's Dawn of the Dead!

1. The Zombie OG Approves

George A. Romero was initially profoundly unimpressed at the idea of remaking Dawn of the Dead, but was turned around when he saw the movie. If you're impressing George Romero, you're doing something right!

2. If you had one shot, one opportunity...

Many of the headshots were pulled off by the actors holding a remote detonator in their hand, exploding a bag of fake blood behind their heads.

3. P-p-p-poker face

The large lady zombie meeting her demise in the GIF above was actually played by a male actor.

4. Give us some bloody credit


The credits for Dawn of the Dead were designed by Kyle Cooper, who used real human blood for the effects. The song 'The Man Comes Around' (by Johnny Cash) was chosen by Zack Snyder himself.

5. Zack Attack

Zack Snyder has a cameo in the movie as a member of the commando unit at the Capitol Building. You can catch the scene in a news clip in the Dawn of the Dead opening credits.

6. A beautiful zombie rainbow

50 makeup artists created 3000 zombie looks for Dawn of the Dead. Different shades of blood were used for zombies in various stages of decay: fresh red, older brown and black for the seriously rotted. A similar approach is used on The Walking Dead.

7. Meta-madness

When the TV shows a 'special report' near the beginning of the movie, a Subaru WRX commercial flashes up: this was a real-world ad directed by Zack Snyder.

8. I'll be needing stitches...

When Ana (Sarah Polley) sews up Kenneth (Ving Rhames), the close-up shots are done by a real nurse to look extra convincing. However, when Snyder told her to go deeper, she accidentally pierced Rhames's skin and sewed the freakin' prosthesis onto his arm! A true professional, Rhames rode out the pain and only told Snyder after they'd finished shooting.

Is 2004's 'Dawn of the Dead' the best horror remake ever?

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