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If you were dying and a genie gave you one wish what would it be?

One man's bucket list desire to see Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice was kindly granted over a month ago at UK picture house RVI MediCinema thanks to the genie of Warner Bros., according to Facebook page Batman4Bazz:

Its been 4 weeks since you went to sleep.We miss and think about you every day...I couldn't fix you but I could help...

Posted by Batman4bazz on Sunday, March 20, 2016

The sister of recently deceased British fan Barry "Bazz" Henderson-Gates rubbed the lamp really hard through this incredible Facebook campaign. The page started on New Year's Eve 2015 and has since amassed over 1,100 "likes."

RVI MediCinema is a London-based initiative that heartwarmingly aims to bring some visual relief to sick people through hospital bed-ready cinema. Find out more or donate here.

Source: RVI MediCinema
Source: RVI MediCinema

Kind sibling Gweny Henderson-Gates from near Newcastle, UK appealed when she started the campaign:

Please like and share the page!! this is for My brother who is a massive batman fan I want him the see the new film batman v superman early. Bazz is fighting cancer and is really poorly. Any help would be appreciated to get the Directer cast and crew to notice this!! Lets gets him to see the film early..thanks Gweny.

Her crusade was assisted by posts from other fanbases:

The news comes in the wake of J.J. Abrams enabling a preview last year of The Force Awakens for terminally ill Daniel Fleetwood from Texas before he died.

Let's hope this triggers more early previews for sick people. Well done Gweny and Warner Bros.!

'Batman v Superman' will be released on Thursday this week.

Get a snapshot of what Bazz saw with the thrilling 'BvS' trailer:

If you could see any upcoming movie what would you choose?

Baz's favourite comic art according to Batman4Bazz
Baz's favourite comic art according to Batman4Bazz

Source: Batman4Bazz via Comic Book


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