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The fandom largely rejoiced when Jason Momoa and his menacing muscle mass were cast as Aquaman, but there was just one pesky little thing about him that had some fans unconvinced.

Whereas the Aquaman from the comics sported fetching blond locks, Momoa is decidedly brunette and some people (maybe the same people who want him to chat to fish, too) were displeased with this departure from the classic image.

Jim Lee's Aquaman Vs Momoa's Aquaman.
Jim Lee's Aquaman Vs Momoa's Aquaman.

Luckily for the purists among us, it looks like Momoa has finally bitten the bleach bullet, showcasing his new blond look on Instagram. Check out his tawny tresses in the image below:

With filming for The Justice League Part One beginning in just a few weeks, it's reassuring to see that Momoa has his head (quite literally) in the game and his next turn as Aquaman is sure to make a colossal splash.

'The Justice League Part One' will open in theaters November of 2017. 'Aquaman' will swim into cinemas July 27, 2018.

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