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Compared to its close rival, Marvel, the DC Extended Universe is still in its infancy, only just about mustering the capability to usher its precious first words: Man of Steel.

But if the fanfare surrounding BvS is anything to go by, we could soon see the growing process expedited, maturing the DCEU from infant to a fully grown, ass kicking cinematic machine ready to confront its comic counterpart.

Zack Snyder's epic is projected to break records at the box office, with industry experts predicting it could beat the likes of Deadpool and The Avengers, making it a serious heavyweight within cinema.

Next Up On The Slate

All eyes, then, will look forward to what else is on offer. As well as Suicide Squad this summer, next year will see Zack Snyder returning to the superhero slate to direct Justice League Part One, just after Gal Gadot's solo venture with the Wonder Woman movie.

Not much has been given away about the ensemble flick, but Collider interviewed the 50-year-old director who confirmed that as of yet, there hasn't been a decision on the film's name, let alone much else. He said:

"Right now the working title is Justice League. Actually, I’m in that phase where I’ve been drawing logos and I’ve been drawing title treatments and stuff like that to try and figure out what it means, what Justice League is, visually, so we’ll see if the name evolves with this visual presentation."

"A Beautiful Backlot"

The Justice League (Source: DC Comics)
The Justice League (Source: DC Comics)

With a release date set for November 17, 2017, pre-production is already underway, so there's no rest for those involved in BvS. Synder was also asked about the schedule for the movie in comparison to his upcoming Dawn of Justice release. He added:

"The schedule’s close, it’s not quite as long, but give or take. We have a more efficient machine in England because we have a big backlot that we built for Gotham and Metropolis, so it’ll be easier to photograph than when you have to close down streets. But it’s a beautiful backlot."

Most of the ensemble cast of BvS will be involved in Justice League, some with more in-depth roles. Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Galdot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) will all be donning their superhero outfits.

Filming will begin on 'Justice League' in April this year.

What would you like Justice League to be called? And which DC characters would you like to feature?

Source: Collider


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