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Star Wars: Episode VIII may be still light-years away but the new installment's director Rian Johnson is already causing quite the stir within the film community over his participation in the inter-galactic saga.

In a serious case of bad blood, it appears that he has been hit with a lawsuit by a former agent for commissions that were allegedly not paid. Brian Dreyfuss, with whom the director stopped working back in 2011, argues that his hard efforts led to Johnson landing the Star Wars gig. Because of this, the agent claims that he is entitled to at least 10% of the hefty paycheck — funds that were not paid over.

Source: PA Images/EMPICS Entertainment
Source: PA Images/EMPICS Entertainment

An official complaint of the breach of contract was filed at the Los Angeles County Superior Court last Friday. Another defendant in the lawsuit is Israeli film producer Ram Bergman, who is backing Dreyfuss in saying that he:

"orchestrated much of Johnson’s business life" and that the latter "adopted a course of conduct to marginalize Dreyfuss and limit his influence."

According to the claim, the agent began working with the director at the beginning of his career, and helped him land successful projects such as Looper and Breaking Bad. Hollywood Reporter have also revealed that:

"Dreyfuss claims [that] in 2002 he agreed to represent Johnson in exchange for 10 percent commission on any and all projects he facilitated, including 'renewals and/or options that are exercised or contracts that have been renewed.' The suit claims Johnson agreed to pay that commission whether or not the employment contracts were procured as a result of Dreyfuss' efforts and whether or not the employment continued after the end of their agreement."

Whatever the outcome, you've got to admit that this is probably the last thing that Rian Johnson wants to deal with right now, all considering filming on the sequel to The Force Awakens has already begun. Let's hope these two sort it out before we need to get the Jedi Council involved or something.

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