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Ok so I went and saw Allegiant on opening night and i have to admit, I was actually really let down. After all of the hype of the movie and even reviews about the books, I was expecting something grand of a finale. But sadly, just like Mockingjay, this turned out to be less than the ones that came before.

Now I'll admit I loved the acting in this movie. There seemed to be a great deal of emotion as well as some pretty decent character development. But other than that factor, and decent story telling...... Woah. So it didn't follow the plot of the book, leaving out A MAJOR DEATH. I won't specify any further but ugh. On top of that, the graphics looked like PS2 era design if not worse. I mean while yes I'm OCD, so it bothers me a bit more than most other people, I could probably sit and watch the movie and point out things that look WAAAAY too fake to be presented in a live action movie. Now personally I can't think of anything else to go over without spoiling any details from the movie Overall, if it were a movie not based off of the Divergent series, and if it had some better graphics, then it would've been much better than it was. But it WAS part of the divergent series, and the graphics WERE terrible. So if I were to rate it.... 3/5 stars, or maybe even 7/10 ish or so.


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