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With the world so transfixed on the prodigious battle between Batman v Superman and who will be crowned victor, the presence of one super being could have a greater significance for the future of the world than it might seem. Who is this super being you might ask? well, it is none other than Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is an Amazonian, an all-female race of Superhumans. She is a demigod, the daughter of Hippolyte and Zeus. Wonder Woman has been featured in other forms of media that include animated series and a very popular tv series starring Lynda Carter. Batman v Superman will be the first time Wonder Woman has graced the big screen.

In order to understand the significance that Wonder Woman plays in Dawn of Justice, we must first understand why Batman and Superman are at odds with each other. There are many different adaptations where Batman and Superman met but not all of them are violent. In the 1950’s, the story of Batman and Superman was that of friendship rather than hatred, forming the Justice Society of America. It is Frank Miller’s "The Dark Knight Returns" where Batman’s Relationship with Superman Sours.

Batman Mindset

From what we’ve seen from trailers and from interviews with the cast and crew, it would seem that Zack Snyder is staying close to the adaptation of Frank Millers comics in which Batman is much older, darker and grittier. The trailers reaffirm this as it evokes the same tonality and imagery of "The Dark Knight Returns”. Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy takes elements from various comics such as "The Killing Joke”. The Joker’s frame of mind and ideology played a big part in the way Heath Ledger adopted the role of the Joker.

When it comes to super beings Batman has a narcissistic view. He assumes, with good reason that people who possess certain abilities are dangerous and can’t be trusted. The version of Batman we see is taken largely from

"The Dark Knight Returns”, a man who retired from crime fighting after the death of Robin in "Death in the Family” only to return much older and to villains who are much more powerful than before.

Wonder Woman's Influence on Batman

With Batman’s state of mind established we can understand why he has a distaste for people with great power. The question on everyone’s mind is why Batman Looks at Wonder Woman in a different light. Ben Affleck was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly and asked how Wonder Woman would effect the Batman given that she has been doing this for so long. He stated that

“It inspires in him the idea that well, if there’s one of these kinds of people out there, then maybe there are in fact more. If there are more, then maybe that’s hopeful and also terrifying to him, because then they could make humans even more powerless — or they could serve on our side. You’ve got to remember that Batman is the world’s greatest detective, and if he suspects that there may be more, and if he suspects in particular that Diana may be somebody special, he gets inspired."

Batman’s relationship with Wonder Woman in the comics was that of a plutonic nature, they briefly dated but nothing came of it and decided to remain friends. Although we don’t know much about the on-screen relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman, we do get a glimpse of batman’s curiously towards Wonder Woman in the gala scene in the trailers.

From what Ben Affleck said we can come to the conclusion that Wonder Woman is a symbol of hope for Batman. He sees’s something in her that he has not seen before. The mask of bitterness and the death of Robin has without question clouded his mind that maybe he didn’t want to see the good in Superbeings.

The Formation of the Justice League

The announcement of the Justice League film all but reaffirms Wonder Woman’s presence in Batman v Superman. The events of Batman v superman instigate the need for a league of justice to maintain order in the universe to ensure another Doomsday event doesn't happen again or to minimise the damage he or any threat might impose.

In the context of Batman V Superman, It is known that wonder woman has retired. The assumption is that she comes out of retirement due to the threat that Doomsday possesses. This threat and the knowledge that she is no longer alone when it comes to fighting evil is the collimation of the justice league forming.

It is not only the presence of Wonder Woman that drives the notion of the justice league forming. There are several characters that are known from the comics as a part of the justice league and that appear at some point in the film.

The Threat of Doomsday

The presence of Wonder Woman in Dawn of Justice is not because of the impending battle between Superman and Batman. She is here because of a far greater threat, Doomsday. The positive effect on the Batman and the formation of the Justice League are all a ripple effect of her presence on earth.

Doomsday is one of Dc’s most formidable villains. He, just like superman are from the planet Krypton but Doomsday was born long before the humanoid Kryptonian race existed on the planet. Unlike Superman, who get his powers from the yellow sun Doomsday gained his abilities through advanced evolution, as a result, of the cloning process, he was subject too. What makes Doomsday so formidable is that upon regenerating, he will always adapt and become immune to what killed him.

Wonder Woman becomes suspicious of what Lex Luther is planning and begins to investigate. Lex Luther becomes transfixed with the existence of metahumans and the power they possess. Lex plans to use Zod’s body in some way to "summon the devil himself”. There was some mention of a possible appearance of Bizzaro, as a justification for the submissive behaviour of superman around Lex Luther but I believe the reasoning behind his submissive attitude towards Lex is due to him holding Louis lane captive.

The presence of Wonder Woman is all but needed to repel and subdue the monster that is Doomsday. Not only is she needed but it is paying respect the one of the most iconic characters in the dc world, the super being responsible for killing superman after all.


Wonder Woman's introduction to the franchise is not born from a necessity to include a sex symbol for the sake of male affection, she is much more than that, after all, she is a demigod. Her strength is not the only factor, (though it does play a big part) she is a symbol that evil is not based on race but the actions and views of certain individuals.

Although the battle between batman v superman is the greatest threat to humanity, her presence and her positive outlook allows batman to see that not all super beings are created equal and that some are a force for good not evil. Her presence on earth is down to the severity of the threat that Doomsday possess, and not to side with batman nor Superman.


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