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It's the 10th birthday of everyone's favorite 140 character social media platform, Twitter. The company is celebrating the milestone via the hashtag , with millions of people joining in.

via Twitter
via Twitter

Over the years, we've been treated to thousands of trends — such as the incredible Aziah “Zola” Wells 148-tweet splurge that is even becoming a film — and celeb meltdowns, usually courtesy of Kanye West.

via Twitter
via Twitter

But, have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity first tweeted? What happened on that fateful day when they entered the twitterverse? Well, here are 10 celebs' first tweets to celebrate Twitter's birthday!

1. Conor McGregor

Looks like the Notorious one already had that cocky attitude he's now famous for, leaving his first tweet to 'Tommy' as he went off to win a fight.

2. Ricky Gervais

In hindsight, I bet the Golden Globes award show is probably happy this didn't happen.

3. Russell Brand

Russell Brand talks a lot about sex. In fact, in almost everything he does, Russell Brand somehow includes some form of sexual reference. Did you expect his first tweet to be any different?

4. Neil Patrick Harris

Even with his first tweet, NPH was cracking jokes. This time at the expense of Twitter's 140 character limit.

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's first tweet was, of course, about a cat.

6. Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman was completely baffled as to how Harris was yet to take his penis out, especially when they'd already reached the outline of the seventh episode for The Sarah Silverman Program — SEVENTH!

7. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds appeared to have a bear with him. Which is probably why he couldn't quite get the hang of things straight off the bat.

8. Jaden Smith

Surprisingly, Jaden Smith's first tweet is extremely low key. Of course, this is probably due to his young age at the time. Since then, Jaden has given us a wealth of bizarre tweets and ramblings.

9. Jimmy Kimmel

It seemed that Jaden wasn't the only celebrity to talk about the biebs in their first tweet. Perhaps Jimmy Kimmel thought not many of his fans spoke Spanish, as he candidly tweeted out "I want to make love with Justin Bieber."

10. Chris Pratt

2,679 tweets and 3.35m followers later, we're assuming Chris Pratt feels even better about it all now.

If you want to discover any of your other favorite celebrities' first tweets, simply click HERE and enter their username. Happy hunting and a big happy birthday to Twitter!

Who's your favorite celebrity to follow on Twitter?


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