ByLionel Vamessi, writer at
Lionel Vamessi

Wolverine 3's gonna be Hugh Jackman final outing as the iconic clawed Canadian mutant.To be honest,origins was terrible and it's sequel was fair off.Fans didn't get to see a good movie and the expectations are more for this film.

It has been confirmed that Wolverine 3 will attain it's R rating soon.The script for this movie is done and it will be based on Mark Miller's Old Man Logan.But we have to understand that the events of Old Man Logan takes place in an avengers timeline where there more than few characters who belong to the MCU,so there's gonna be some changes in the story.It has Been rumoured that Liev Shreiber will join Jackman as the most iconic X-Men villain Sabertooth.It is also confirmed that the shooting will take place in New Orleans,Louisiana. At last we will get to see Patrick Stewart as the fan favourite Professor-X.


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