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Well! For those of you wondering where I've been for the past 11 Months... I've been hiking in the K'un Lun Mountains of China looking for the Gateway. Unfortunately, the Locals told me I just missed the Conjunction of Gateways and will have to come back in approx 9 1/2 years. So I guess that means I have some time to kill.

Luckily for me, the 11 months between Season 1 & Season 2 of Daredevil has quickly passed (for me anyway,) So after quickly catching up on the Jessica Jones series a few weeks ago (Which, I must say was Superb- Loved how they did the "Purple Man,") I was now ready for DD and Company to blow me away with awesome fight Choreography. I was not dissapointed!

You can immedietly see the differences in fighting styles between Daredevil and the Jessica Jones cast of Characters. Jessica for the most part is largely unskilled in fighting and relies on sheer brute force and brawling to get the job done. Luke Cage for the most part is a Tank and doesn't need to duck and dodge when people are swinging at him. A normal person would break their hand if they did punch him. I really do hope they left enough story to tell for Luke Cage (I know they haven't done his origin story yet) but he is for the most part very fleshed out already prior to his own series on Netflix.

Another aspect of Luke Cage's Story is his cohort and other half of the "Power Man & Iron Fist" duo, Danny Rand. Marvel & Netflix have pushed back his series to make room for season 2 of Daredevil but at least they have cast the role of Danny Rand- namely Finn Jones of "Game of Thrones." He looks like a good choice and for those who wanted an Asian cast as Danny; Too bad, So sad. Danny Rand however, is a Caucasian character in the Comics and Marvel Studios casts their characters very close to source material. This isn't Fox Studios that decides to re-define well established characters from 60 years of source material. Danny Rand needs to be the Blonde Haired kid trying to fit into the Mystic world of Kung Fu/K'un Lun and all the Chinese Legends and Folklore. Simply put, an Asian American character would not be the "Stranger in a Strange Land" that Blonde Haired Blue eyed Danny Rand would be. Besides, There is still another equally important Character that does need to be cast as Asian; namely Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu. I'm sure he and Danny will cross paths somewhere along the line. Let's also not forget that Steel Serpent; Arch Enemy of Iron Fist needs to look Asian as well. It was Danny Rand who ruined his birthright and took the mantle of Iron Fist from him.

But now Back to Daredevil: Season 2. The story picks up during the late Summer (which feels a little weird because we are in March) but the story seems to span several months over the 13 episodes, ending on Christmas Eve. The entire Punisher story-arc is rivetting and you really feel for what Frank Castle has and is going through (as you should, because the Punisher is far more than a Vigilante dispensing Street Justice on the various Gangs of New York.) He is a Husband and a Father of two who had everyone he holds dear murdered before his eyes. As Frank lectures Daredevil in one scene "You're just One Bad Day away from being Me..." You'd have to ask yourself, put in the same situation- Seeing your Family murdered, would you not do the same thing as Frank Castle? That's the true conflict of Daredevil Season 2: When is it justified to Murder someone?

Just One Bad Day Away from being The Punisher...
Just One Bad Day Away from being The Punisher...

This is ultimately what Daredevil struggles with in Season 2 and it is not until (SPOILER ALERT) Elektra is murdered by Nobu, That Matt Murdock dispenses Lethal Justice on him (well, not really because Nobu is now immortal thanks to the Hand resurrecting him, but Stick promptly makes sure he stays dead this time by Decapitating him.

The whole Elektra story-arc sort of fell flat for me because there was no Bullseye to kill her, But I guess 2003's Daredevil movie kind of robbed their thunder with that one- pretty much lifting the fight scene from the comic's pages. It was one of the few good scenes of the Movie because it was so faithful to the Comic. As for the absence of Bullseye? That makes me wonder if there will be a Season 3. As for Elektra being Black Sky? That was sort of "Meh" for me as was the lack of attention paid to other members of The Chaste, namely "Stone." Marvel Studios had a chance to really tell their story right as opposed to the 2005 Elektra movie which totally screwed up The Chaste's lineup and powers- even making Stone a member of The Hand, but then again- That was Fox Studios right?

Overall, I was very pleased with Season 2 of Daredevil and am looking forward to Luke Cage's series (this September?) I'm debating climbing into the Winter Soldier's Cryo-Stasis Pod until then but If I do that, I'll miss all the great movies coming out- Namely Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War & X-Men Apocalypse. Hopefully, the next 5 months go fast.


What did you think of Daredevil Season 2?


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