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Let me just start by saying this is just my opinion. I noticed most creators on here never say that and I always assume what they're writing is true.

This morning I read a post about the Russo Brothers commenting on Robert Downey Jr. leaving the role of Iron-man. They say that the only way they could reboot the character was to give a "generational gap" for a new actor to portray a new Iron-man.

While I believe they should never reboot Iron-man, ever. I don't doubt any possible story they could develop for a new Iron-man, nor do I doubt any actor could replace RDJ. I have this weird feeling that maybe Iron-man is only a concept that could work in today's world and anytime before now. Here's why:

Iron-man first came around in the 1960s, and back then the idea of a man flying in a metal suit (I assume) had probably never been thought of before. So back then it was this huge incredible thing because that type of technology didn't exist and it was such futuristic technology. When the first Iron-man movie first came out in 2008 again the technology was cool and exciting to everyone.

But if we wait a long time to reboot Iron-man, the technology of the suit and what Toey Stark uses won't be as cool and exciting anymore. Maybe in the future this type of armor will be so modern that everybody has their own suit. Now obviously this isn't in the near future, but still.

I'm not sure how much more they can upgrade the suit and make it more interesting. In Ironman 3 we saw a large variety of his suits we had never seen before. So now that wow factor is gone. I understand that he has more armor in the comics than in the movies, but at some point it just won't be as interesting anymore.

What do you think?


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