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There are a whole barrage of hidden stars around the non-English speaking world who spend their entire careers voicing a handful of Hollywood superstars and essentially become what say, Brad Pitt, sounds like in their native language.

Movie dubbing is big business in large countries such as Germany, Italy and China and, by default, each well known celeb has a recognizable and consistent voice, thanks to the actor who shadows their career, often for decades.

Below are some of the voice actors who embody everyone from Daniel Craig to Scarlett Johansson in non-English-Speaking countries around the world who have helped make celebs famous outside the anglosphere.

Dietmar Wunder, German Daniel Craig

Quote: "You need to really follow the performance of the actor on the screen to remain believable. That means mimicking his movements so that they become your own. The goal is that the audience thinks that Daniel Craig actually speaks German."

Françoise Cadol, French Angelina Jolie

Quote: "I have been Angelina Jolie since Tomb Raider because I was the voice of Lara Croft in the video games. I thought Jolie was very good in Mr. and Mrs. Smith — you could tell she and Brad Pitt were having a good time making that film. I don't seek out information on her in the celebrity mags, or follow her life at all, but I get on very well with the French actor who dubs Brad Pitt — a well-known actor in his own right. I'm also Gong Li, Sandra Bullock, Patricia Arquette and the voice of Mary Alice in Desperate Housewives."

Manfred Lehmann, German Bruce Willis

Quote: When asked if he had ever met Willis, Lehmann replied: "About 10 years ago. I found him to be a pretty nice guy, although we only exchanged pleasantries. I asked him whether he had ever heard my version of him."

Giuppy Izzo, Italy's Renée Zellweger

Quote: "I've studied her [Zellweger] diction, her movements and her breathing so much that I feel I know her. We've not met, though."

Peer Augustinski, German Robin Williams

Fact: After winning an Oscar in 1998 for Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams sent Augustinski a note that read: "Thank you for making me famous in Germany."

Luise Helm, German Scarlett Johansson

Fact: Luise Helm is also the voice of Megan Fox in Germany.

Tobias Meister, German Brad Pitt

Fact: In Germany Brad Pitt, Kiefer Sutherland, Gary Sinise, Sean Penn and Jack Black all speak with the voice of Tobias Meister!

Bettina Weiß, Germany's Sandra Bullock

Quote: "Sandra Bullock can actually speak German herself, but that doesn't mean she has the time to dub all of her roles, and that's when Bettina steps in."

Jan Odle, Germany's Will Smith

Fact: If you've ever wondered what a German Will Smith would sound like, you might enjoy the video below! ALLES KLAR?!

Claudia Motta, Mexico's Kirsten Dunst

Quote: "They paid me 10,000 pesos (£500) for Mary Jane in Spider-Man. The problem is that distributors don't put us in the credits. Suppose Kirsten Dunst thought, 'Gosh, how nice I sound in Spanish.' She wouldn't have known who the voice belonged to."

Luca Dal Fabbro, Italy's Johnny Depp

Fact: One of the grandaddies of dubbing, Fabbro has a hugely diverse portfolio including being the Italian voice of everyone from Johnny Depp to Winnie the Pooh's Piglet!

Were you surprised to hear about the voice actors who dub celebs throughout their careers?

(Source: The Guardian and BBC)


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