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The flash is returning this Tuesday and we are nearly off the cliff about who really is Zoom. Well, there have been many speculations about the man in black mask who is terrorizing EARTH-2. People had theories that it could be Harrison wells, Henry Allen, Earth-2 Barry, Jay Garrick, Iris West (really?) and nearly everyone in main cast. But now as we have seen his true face "this might be a complication ".

You saw Jay finding his Earth 1 doppelgänger and he referred him as Hunter Zolomon. But who is Hunter Zolomon? Yep he is the real zoom in comics.

Yeah the answer was in front of us all along but the sad question is how can he be on Earth 2 even before the warmhole creation? And yes he is not a speedster. So how? Maybe he had Tachyon device of his own but who knows?

After we saw the face of Zoom we are confused as hell. Whom to trust?

So here is my theory.

Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon are twins. So there are 2 Jays and 2 Hunter Zolomons. Both Hunter Zolomon were separated in childhood from their garrick family and were taken in by Zolomons. Earth-2 Jay is the Jay we saw from 1st episode of the season and we saw him getting ripped away. Earth-1 Zolomon is powerless and unaware of the drama. Earth-1 Jay? well you know who he is ;) yes that's right he is the man in mask captured by Zoom(you didn't see it coming or did you?). And at last ZOOM........ he is Hunter Zolomon of earth-2 trying to kill every speedster in multiverse, isn't this fun?


what do you think of the theory?


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