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Just imagine what it would be like if Harry Potter and Star Wars existed alongside one another in a far-off fictional universe. What would happen if Jedi's actually attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? What if a lightsaber was replaced by wand? And what if, the real threat came from a certain Dark Lord rather than Kylo Ren?

Well thankfully, some exceptionally talented people are already ahead of the game and have tracked the parallels between the two worlds. UK-based screen-writer Jonny Holloway has cut the Order of the Phoenix trailer into the epic The Force Awakens style. Before we plunge into the video, take a look at some of the similarities (albeit on a very shallow level!) between the two franchises:

1. You've got your equally evil Dark Lords

2. You've got your gut-wrenchingly intense air battles

3. Powerful weapons of choice

And finally...

4. Two worthy Chosen Ones!

Here's the cheeky vid:

What other similarities between Harry Potter and 'The Force Awakens' can you think of?


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