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We all know that Batman aka Bruce Wayne is filthy rich, the same cannot be said of his soon-to-be Justice League team mate Superman. Living on a journalists wage it will take him years to amass enough to buy his own place, we all know too well how expensive it is to buy somewhere to live, no matter where you're from! However it seems he is able to have a huge place almost all to himself. Kal El's Fortress of Solitude is a essentially an ice castle and surely the upkeep on it is astronomical, at £133,528,128 it's worth more than Wayne Manor. Located in the Arctic it features 3 bedrooms, an alien zoo and a laboratory, plenty for Superman and Lois Lane to do and lots of space too!

Research done by Settled shows that Wayne Manor on the other hand boasts 11 bedrooms, a Bat Cave and a huge garden, quite a lot for Bruce and butler Alfred wouldn't you say? Based in the outskirts of Gotham in an area known as the Palisades, Bruce Wayne's mansion is worth £48,725,900 and for that he has a river system as well as space for all of his Bat vehicles and gadgets, it must be huge!

With the film finally being released this week, this infographic certainly makes things just a little bit more interesting. You get more of an insight into their lives when they're not off fighting crime, criminals or each other. Perhaps one day they can share interior decorating tips! The film is released March 25th, hope you enjoy it.

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