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You always dread that day when you get onto your computer and find out your favorite television show will be ending. For some this might take 10+ seasons, for others it happens after one or two, and in the ever so unfortunate case it happens after just a couple of episodes.

The reason for canceling shows so early on in the process could be due to a number of reasons: low ratings, controversy over the show's topic, or a slew of other excuses the studio came up with to make sure the viewers weren't too upset over losing their new favorite show. Today, ABC announced they are canceling one of their newest shows after just 2 episodes so let's start there:

1. 'Of Kings and Prophets' (2016)

Number of Episodes: 2

Premise: Of Kings and Prophets was a Biblical drama retelling the stories of the warrior King Saul and his followers from the book of Samuel.

Why it got cancelled: From most accounts the show was rather well put together and offered an interesting take on the stories from the Bible. Unfortunately, in the world of network television, viewership and ratings are everything, and if a show can't deliver on bringing in viewers that show is going to have to go.

2. 'Firefly' (2002 - 2003)

Number of Episodes: 11

Premise: The series was set in the year 2517 after humans had left Earth in hopes of finding a suitable home. The people arrive in a new star system aboard their "Firefly-class" spaceship Serenity. Joss Whedon described the show as "nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things."

Why it was canned: The longest running show to make this list, Firefly has since become a cult favorite. In reality, Firefly didn't really see any sort of success until the DVDs went on sale. Ratings were low, views were not coming in, and critics felt as if the show was "an oddball" fusion of Western and space genres that should not have been mixed.

To add to the confusion, FOX originally aired the series out of the intended order (something that was fixed on the DVDs), this caused many fans to have a hard time following the story and understanding exactly what was going on. Many die-hard fans, however, have been calling for the shows revival and many cast members even say they would be on board.

3. 'We Are Men' (2013)

Number of Episodes: 2

Premise: "After Carter is left at the altar by his bride, he moves into a short-term rental complex, where he forms a friendship with three divorced older men."

Why it got the boot: Despite having a stellar cast consisting of Kal Penn, Chris Smith, Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Breeds, and Tony Shalhoub nothing could save this disaster of a show. Garnering only a 4% on Rotten Tomatoes critics have said "[it] made me feel stupid almost immediately" and described it as the "male version of Sex and the City....[with] way less wit." Instead of boosting ratings for the network, as most shows hope to do, We Are Men actually brought down the ratings across the board especially for the comedy 2 Broke Girls.

4. 'Lucky 7' (2013)

Number of Episodes: 2

Premise: "A group of seven gas station employees in Queens, New York City, play the lottery every week and dream about what they would do with the winnings. When they do finally hit the jackpot, the coworkers learn that money may solve some problems, but it creates new ones."

Why it was scrapped: Personally, I think one of the biggest problems Lucky 7 faced was convincing people it was a drama and not a comedy (the premise sounds hilarious, many viewers probably tuned in expecting a half hour of laughs and instead were faced with an hour of drama). The pilot episode only received a 1.3 rating among the targeted demographic marking it as the lowest scoring fall premiere in ABC's history.

5. 'Secret Talents of the Stars' (2008)

Number of Episodes: 1

Premise: "Celebrities competed against each other in a tournament-like format in areas that differed from their normal professions, like singing, dancing, and acrobatics. While the contestants' performances were critiqued by the show's judging panel of Debbie Reynolds, Brian McKnight, and Gavin Polone, the real judging was done by home viewers, who were to vote online during each episode to determine which two celebrities stayed in the competition and which two were sent home. Voting was open only during the initial live broadcast to the Eastern and Central time zones as the results were to be announced at the end of each episode."

Why it got axed: The first, and only episode, saw George Takei singing country, Mýa tap dancing, Clint Black performing stand up comedy, and Sasha Cohen doing Chinese acrobatics. Several other stars were lined up to show off their talents in the following weeks but low ratings caused the studio to cut the show from programming.

6. 'Do No Harm' (2013)

Number of Episodes: 2

Premise: "The series focuses on Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale), a successful neurosurgeon with a secret. Every night at 8:25 p.m., and lasting exactly 12 hours, Cole is switched into an alternate, evil personality named Ian Price."

Why it was canned: I actually remember watching the first two episodes when the show aired. It wasn't a great show, a bit slow and confusing, but it definitely had some promise and an interesting premise. I wanted to see more of it that was for sure! Unfortunately, the show had low ratings and was ultimately booted off the network. I just learned however, that the remaining ten episodes were burned off later in the year and can be watched at Hmm, maybe I'll go check it out again!


Which of these shows would you like to see more of?

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