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I know, I know. Captain America: Civil War is all wrapped up and just waiting to blow our minds this may, but those of you who've seen Daredevil on Netflix, especially the new season, you could see why I think this. This will be one of my shorter ones today.

The term vigilantes is given to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but we all know from watching Daredevil that there is a fine line. That line is pushed to the limits in this season with Daredevil and Punisher's different views. That season had Civil War written all over it. I know these characters aren't confirmed, but they could have hidden it well. If they didn't show that one Ant-Man trailer, I would have had no idea that Falcon was in the film.

Their involvement in the Civil War comic

If memory serves, this is right after Spider-Man defects to Captain America's side and Daredevil gets a hold of him. Punisher whoops Daredevil and brings Spidey to Cap's team. Everyone knows that Punisher is not above killing at all. I still wonder if we'll see this though.

Cap didn't seem to have a problem killing Hydra goons in his first film, but then again that was war. Wait, isn't this? Even so, I doubt it'll be this scene exactly. Just giving a little insight. Should Punisher and Daredevil get this cinematic spotlight, it won't get ripped directly out of comics. Their involvement will probably be brief.

Their role in the movie

Punisher is all about killing and Daredevil isn't. Say there's a spot in the movie where Peter is torn between wanting vengeance for his uncle's death (Punisher) or fighting everyday for Uncle Ben (Daredevil). We don't even know how much we will see of Spider-Man in two short months, but if you want a spin that we haven't seen on screen before, this would be it.


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