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Have you ever purchased a game you thought was going to be good, but then turned out to be a pile of garbage? Or maybe you bought a really fun game, and realized that it doesn't have much value to you after one playthrough?

We've all been there, stuck with a game we don't want and short sixty bucks because of it. Sure, you could always go back to the store and sell the game to get some cash for it, but what if there isn't an actual store to go to?

We've reached the dawn of the digital age. Every form of media, from music to movies to, of course, video games, is available in a digital format. You're more likely to have Mortal Kombat X or Far Cry Primal digitally downloaded on your console's harddrive than you are to have them in physical disc form.

The age of hard copies is all but fading, and what's worse is that the age of demos is disappearing along with it. Demos, which we often used to test the playablity of a game for free before we buy it, are slowly going away. It seems like less and less titles offer demos to "try before you buy," and that's a real shame.

So what do you do if you bought a game and just aren't feeling it anymore? Well now, you really can't do anything. Digital sales are usually final. But if a new Xbox survey is any indication, that may be about to change!

A customer survey was sent to Xbox owners by Microsoft, asking them if they would be interested in selling their games for 10% back in store credit. Naturally, the survey made its way to the Internet via Reddit, and everyone got to voice their opinion on it.

So far, the response has been rather mixed, with the larger percentage of people responding to the survey crying out a big "HELL NO"! The negative reaction comes from the fact that you'd only be getting 10% of your purchase back, a percentage that is honestly pretty low.

But is this really a bad deal? Or is it fair? Well, let's take a look at the pros and cons of this Xbox survey in a series I like to call..."Pros N' Cons"! With this, I'll see if the pros outweigh or outnumber the cons, or vice versa. First up, let's take a look at the pros.

The Pros!

1. It Frees Up Space On Your Hard Drive!

With so many games being purchased in the digital format, we're met with a serious problem; lack of space. When you buy a digital game, you're downloading its data directly onto your console or PC's hard drive. This fills up space on the drive, and eventually the space will run out.

And with most games taking up somewhere between 10 and 80 gigabytes, space gets filled up fast. Once space gets completely filled up, you're forced to delete some games to free up space on the harddrive to make room for new games.

We usually tend to delete the games that we don't want to play anymore; the aforementioned games that either aren't good or just have zero re-playability. But the worst thing about this is that when you delete those games, even if you're certain you won't pick them up again, you won't get any money for them. If Xbox goes forward with the offer presented in their survey, it'd make deleting old games and freeing up hard drive space a lot more worth your while!

2. You Get Money Toward The Games You Actually Want!

Selling games for credit means getting money towards the games that you actually want! Have you ever had to decide between two games that you really wanted, and after finally deciding, realized you made the wrong choice?

I have, and it sucks. If you ever buy a game you simply don't like, or just don't want anymore, selling your digital games for store credit towards that other game would be incredibly helpful, and perhaps amend that terrible decision you made. Like getting Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on the day Pokken Tournament was released. The Olympic Games are fun, especially when Nintendo and Sega characters are involved. But Pokemon fighting in a Tekken-like tournament? Much more fun!

The Cons!

1. 10%? Seriously?

Look, I love the idea of getting to turn in your unwanted digital games for store credit. I understand that it would have to be in store credit, rather than cash, and I even get why you don't get all of your money back.

But the amount you do get back, 10%, is insultingly low. Let's say you buy a game when it first comes out. Games that have just been released are usually around $50 to $60. 10% of $60 is only $6, so you'd only be getting $6 worth of credit back for selling a $60 game!

Other services, such as Gamestop's trade-in service, give somewhere between 15-20% back when you sell a game. That's not a lot either, but it's certainly a lot more than 10%, and gives you a good amount of cash towards purchasing another game. It's worth mentioning that the cash back (or credit back) may be so low because Microsoft themselves don't really get anything back for it. They won't get a physical copy to re-sell like Gamestop or other stores. Still, this a very low percentage and makes a bit less worth it to sell your game.

2. What If You Suddenly Want That Game Back?

This con actually applies to any form of game trade-in. I know of quite a few times where I've sold a game I was bored with so I could buy a better one, and a week later felt a sense of regret (I'm so sorry, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2, 3 just looked so good)!

While this new feature may sound pretty cool, you might want to be cautious about which games you sell. You'll never know if you want to pick them back up again someday.

3. What If The Price Of The Game Goes Down?

This is something I'm sure a lot of people have wondered about. If the price of the game goes down, does the percentage we get back go down as well? If that's the case, that's potentially troubling.

What if we bought the game on sale? Say I bought Uncharted 4 (I know it's a Sony game, I only own Sony consoles so there you go) on sale for $40, as opposed to the usual $60 price. Would I get 10% of $40 (4$) for the game, or would I still get credit for the full price of the game?

The Verdict?

So with all of this in mind, does this potential Xbox One deal sound like a good idea? No, it does not. Of course, that's an opinion that changes depending on who you ask. Some may be against this idea, while others may be all for it.

I'll admit, it sounds like a sweet deal, but looking at the cons here, which outnumber and arguably outweigh the pros, it isn't that sweet. Perhaps if the percentage you got in store credit was raised, if only by an extra 10%? Or at least if there was some assurance that you wouldn't be getting less back if you bought the game during a sale.

This is only a customer survey, so nothing is confirmed. But if Microsoft does plan to go ahead with this offer, I'm sure they'll reveal more information on it, and hopefully make some much needed changes.

Thanks For Reading!

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