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If you ask DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns, he'll tell you that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is the first true DC Universe movie. You have him to thank for writing nearly every character in the DC Universe, by the way.

Photo courtesy of Zach D. Roberts.
Photo courtesy of Zach D. Roberts.

During a red-carpet interview at Radio City Music Hall last night, Johns chatted with and had this to say:

"We're really excited about the movie. To me, it's the first DC Universe movie because we see Batman and Superman finally meet and...some other stuff. So I'm really excited for people to see it."

Johns went on to say he's just as excited as his fans are to see the DC heroes come together on screen in Dawn Of Justice:

"As a fan -- you're a fan, too, so you know -- for all the fans who have read these stories, to see the characters up there for the first time together to me is magic. The fact that these movies feel like they're based on the comics more than anything else, that's what I'm excited about. We've got Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Justice League obviously. It's going to be a good run."

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice opens this Friday, March 25.



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