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There have been a number of comic book adaptions over the years. You've got the obvious ones, like the Marvel and DC films, along with their Netflix and television shows, and Fox's X-Men universe. Then you've got shows based on more nontraditional comics, like The Walking Dead and The Sandman (still waiting on it, but it will come!).

This May, we'll be getting another awesome non-superhero comic book adaption, in the form of AMC's newest show, Preacher!

Based on the comic book series by Garth Ennis of the same name, Preacher follows Jesse Custer, a former preacher who goes on a journey to literally find God, along with his ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire. And that's just the short version of the story!

Published in 1995, Preacher followed the same style that a lot of comics were following at the time. The '90s had attitude, and comics were a great example of it. From Deadpool to Lobo, and everything in between, comic books were suddenly much more adult. Preacher shares a lot of similarities with its fellow '90s-early '00s comic books.

The Violence!

From Watchmen
From Watchmen

Some examples are comics like Deadpool, or Watchmen (though the latter was first published in the late 80s), both of which have their fair share of violence. Though in my opinion, Preacher is just a bit more vicious.

In some moments, the violence in Preacher can feel as if it's gone a bit too far, but never to the point where it seems like they're doing it for the sake of violence. The world of Preacher is just a dark place, full of gun-slinging villains and Irish vampires with anger issues.

What? No. Everything's... totally fine.
What? No. Everything's... totally fine.

From fight scenes that end in broken noses, to missing body parts and bitten necks (see the image above), to just plain violent and sickening scenes — Preacher is a cavalcade of violence! I'd even go as far to say that it rivals the levels of bloodiness found in The Walking Dead!

So yeah, if violent comic books aren't your bag, or if you're easily sickened to your stomach, Preacher may not be for you. But if you enjoyed reading gritty comics like Watchmen or TWD, then you'll definitely love the visceral nature of Preacher!

The Controversy

From The Sandman
From The Sandman

This is something it shares with other awesome Vertigo imprint comics, like The Sandman and Lucifer. But whereas those comics dealt more with things like the seven deadly sins, and the idea that there are beings more powerful than Gods that manage the universe, Preacher deals with mainly Christian theology - namely, it upends it.

As I said before, Jesse Custer is on a literal quest to find God. Like, the actual being. During this near-impossible journey, he learns a lot of things, about God, about the fight between Heaven and Hell, and about his own legacy, that truly shock him.

It's a story that does not hold back, and for that, it's actually considered to be pretty controversial by some. If you're the open-minded sort, that shouldn't put you off. Speaking from experience, I definitely recommend that you give it a chance, especially if you enjoyed The Sandman or Lucifer!

The Dark Humor!

When it was revealed that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were going to be the producers of the Preacher TV show, I'm sure a lot of people tipped their heads in confusion, myself included. They were about to give the guys who did Knocked Up a show about a disgruntled preacher, his trigger-happy ex-girlfriend, and a vampire on a bloody quest to find the creator of all things!

But trust me when I say that Rogen and Goldberg were the right choices for the show. Why is that? Well, just take a look at the comics!

A bit extreme. But so is bad sentence structure!
A bit extreme. But so is bad sentence structure!

The comics, though VERY dark, have a nice amount of comedy infused in them, and, just like the series, the comedy also gets very dark. But if the comedy in the show is anything like the comedy in the comics — and seeing as how Rogen and Goldberg also worked on This is the End, we can guess it will be — then viewers are in for a few shocking and hilarious comedic scenes.

And if you've found yourself shamelessly giggling at one of Deadpool's many, many inappropriate jokes, then you'll find yourself doing the same navigating the pages of Preacher!

So what are you waiting for? Go get started on reading Preacher, and look out for the show when it premieres on AMC on May 22nd!

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