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Jay Dee

I appreciate how far film has come, face it, The Hulk, Spidey, those guys deserve to be showcased in a way similar to an amusement park ride. However, when it comes to Horror there's just nothing that matches the art of practical effects. Masters of illusion, Visual geniuses operating on any fuel or fire they can find. Today the indie scene is slowly bringing back some of those beautiful old shades of blood. I love it. My question to all of you is this; Is there a true happy home for CGI in the horror genre? ..Or do hardcore fans prevent the medium from finding us totally?

See, I love the artistry of the old effects ...but sometimes my mind lights up like a Christmas Tree on The 4th Of July in Las Vegas when I start thinking about adding today's effects to ...Oh lets say Phantasm,(In 4D Boy) ...Or maybe Hellraiser (Let's see Clive's version of Hell on film in 2016 ..mind blown)

Thoughts Anyone? ....Weigh In Below Horror Hounds.


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