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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is hitting theaters this week so this idea came to my mind.

I wanted to see our heroes and villains who could destroy whole world in a blink of an eye, when they were the weakest, the smallest and the most frightened. Yup, I'm talking their childhood. So let's get to the case:

1. Henry Cavill - Superman

Who could have thought that this little chubby kid will be our saviour and one of the strongest fictional characters ever. I wanna say that everyone is talking about Ben being perfect Batman and they are not wrong but what about Henry. For me he is PERFECT SUPERMAN. I can say that this is the most underrated superhero casting ever !

2. Ben Affleck - Batman

If this kid on the left became Batman then I think there is still hope for me (just kidding, love you Ben). When they announced that Ben Affleck's gonna be Batman, INTERNET EXPLODED WITH HATE. I just wanna know where are all those haters now.

3. Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman

Just look at this cutiepie on the left. Isn't she the most cutest thing on the world. Now look at the picture on the right. Here you have strong independent woman, soldier, model, mother, and for us, the most important, WONDER WOMAN !

4. Jesse Eisenberg - Lex Luthor

Now to be honest, when I look at little Jesse I can actually see Lex Luthor in him. Just when I look at his eyes and his curly hair I can see him as an evil person when he grows up. I hope that Eisenberg isn't evil. I hope. On the right we see classic Lex Luthor and I can say that this bald haircut could be the new style of Jesse Eisenberg.

5. Amy Adams - Lois Lane

When you look at this comparison you can say that not too many things have changed. You have ginger hair, blue eyes, those beautiful red lips. She only grew up, and she didn't only grew up to be anyone, she grew up to be love of Superman's life.

6. Jeremy Irons - Alfred Pennyworth

Hah when you see this young fella on the left, would you say that he is Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, neither would I. Looking at this you realise how time flies and that we are all gonna be old soon. I just wanna add that for me Jeremy is the cutest kid on this list, including Gal !

7. Diane Lane - Martha Kent

Looking at the innocent child that Diane was as a little girl I am pretty sure I would leave to her almighty powerful being from another planet that could wipe us all out in a look of an eye. Also I think casting of Diane Lane as Martha Kent was superb !

8. Laurence Fishburne - Perry White

Who could say that this kid on the left with his afro could be one of the most known actors alive. Well he is and he is also chief of the Daily Planet in BvS:Dawn of Justice.

There you go, all of our main cast from BvS: Dawn of Justice. When you look at this comparison you can see that some kids don't change and that some change a lot but these kids are going to build our DC Universe as we know it.

(I wanna say that English is not my native tounge so sorry for my bad grammar!)


Who is the cutest one on the list ?


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