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The story of “Forrest Gump” isn’t one that will ever be forgotten. Following a character by the same name, played by Tom Hanks, who goes from a bullied kid to an unlikely hero. With the IQ of 75, just below the line to allow him into public school, Forrest will go on to change the world. By becoming a war hero, a millionaire and an inspiration to people around the nation, all before he reaches the age of 40.

Director Robert Zemeckis, known for the “Back to the Future” trilogy, is the brilliant mind behind “Forrest Gump.” Taking the book, originally written by Winston Groom, and turning it into an Academy Award winning film. Captivating a character who is so fragile and turning him into what every gentleman should aspire to be. A kind-hearted, brave individual who will only punch another man when they harm someone he truly loves. As Zemeckis delivers a tale that captures an audience’s heart, he also provides a dark tone that will grab emotions never felt while watching a film.

“Forrest Gump” begins with a feather floating from the sky, eventually landing on the feet of Forrest, as he sits on a bench waiting for the number nine bus. He picks up the feather and places in between the pages of the well-known children’s book, “Curious George.” A person sitting next to Forrest tells him how much they love that book, and from there Forrest begins to tell his life story. Something no one cares to hear after making a single remark to a complete stranger, but Forrest’s story is one no one would want to miss.

He begins with one of the very renowned quotes from the movie, “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they go, where they’ve been…” From there we’re given a glimpse into Forrest’s childhood. We learn that his mom, played by Sally Field, will do anything to help her son succeed. Even if that means giving her body away to help him get into a school he normally would never be able to attend.

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