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In the world of acting careers there a loads to pick from, there's movies, television, advertising etc. In those acting careers comes a bunch of great actors/actresses that come out to be in the spotlight for something they think would be cool to work on for their fans. It's World Goofball Day and to celebrate I'm giving you list of the top 5 females and males of television who are the world's biggest Goofs in history.


1. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco had done a lot of goofy acting in her time. She's acted on Big Bang Theory as Penny and came out with a lot of goofy words on the show. She's made audiences laugh on 'Lip Sync Battle' as well as on the Big Bang Theory. She's well known for her goofy commentary words. Always knows how to give a funny face and make others cheer up with her weirdness. Everyone needs a little bit of Kaley in their life at times and by being on The Big Bang Theory she has made that happen.

2. Zooey Deschanel

This woman knows how to be funny without even trying. Zooey Deschanel can come out with a sentence that would be out of context of what you were saying and it comes out so funny. She does a great job acting as Jess Day in 'New Girl' as well as being her funny self in real life. Every premiere/red carpet she goes to she's greeted with people in hysterics and laughing because of her funny faces she makes on the red carpet. Zooey Deschanel is definitely good with her acting and real life personality. Everyone loves her for being a goof on New Girl nowadays that is.

3. Rachel Bloom

Rachel Bloom best known for her new acting role in 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.' A musical comedy based on a woman who can't get over her ex and tries so badly to have him in her life still. Oh Rachel the funniness of a sad story made funny like that just makes audiences cry with laughter. She portrays a very dramatic/comedic woman in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and that's why people love Rachel Bloom. Because she can make a dramatic show turn so comedic with one sentence. She is getting rave reviews with this show and let's hope it keeps coming back because we love you Rachel Bloom.

4. Emily Bett Rickards

The actress Emily Bett Rickards is best known as the geeky/smart witted scientist and technology guru in Arrow. Although Arrow isn't what you would call a comedic show, it still has it's laugh scenes. Because the heroes might be doing their work and Emily's character will say something so out of context and geeky that people just laugh at the humor in the personality of her. She can also be funny off-set and her co-stars love her for it. She's got a really wacky personality that makes you want to watch what you'd call a dramatic action show more because of her humor in the show. That's what makes Emily Bett Rickards shine as a goof of television.

5. Claire Coffee

This Grimm actress portrays quite a dramatic/humorous person in Grimm. At first you may take her as too dramatic but watch scenes in between of different things happening and you will see the humorous side of Claire Coffee. The name speaks humor with having like a hype drink named as the last name. She really knows how to bring her humor out in Grimm. In some of the newer episodes after her most dramatic scenes with slight humor were made you can see the side of her as her character Adalind very differently. She starts to become more lovingly affectionate with her co-star she acts with in a way that the humor just bounces off her tongue when acting. You'll see in those scenes that her personality is a big turn on if you're looking for some goofy humor to come out of Claire's mouth. That's the best times in such an action-packed show.


1. Jim Parson

Oh the goofy Jim Parsons. You will never die as long as his personality lives. He just has the type of humorous personality that you are in fits of laughter with. He just lives for comedy and will never ever change. Even in his animated voiced movies where he voices the character, it still adds so much comedic personality into even an animated character that you laugh thinking about what he'll do next. Best known for being Sheldon in 'The Big Bang Theory' he wows audiences and makes them laugh with Sheldon's wacky words. World's Biggest Goof of all time awards should go to this guy because he sure knows how to put on a show.

2. Matthew Gray Gubler

This guy is known for being goofy all the time. His posts are some of the funniest things you'll read when feeling down. He comes out with words that you wouldn't imagine of writing a post about. How does he do it? He's just so comedic. He plays a very dramatic actor with a bit of humor on the crime show 'Criminal Minds' but apart from that he is the most humorous bloke you'll met. He makes the world laugh with his humor. That's how big of a goof Matthew Gray Gubler is.

3. Jensen Ackles

As you can see Jensen Ackles speaks humor. He plays a vampire in a fantasy show called Supernatural but that doesn't stop him from being funny on and off-set. Oh no! He still tries to add in funny words in even a fantasy show that's mostly about vampires who like to kill for fun. Now tell me how that fits in with his humorous personality. It just does because he knows how to be so wacky without even trying. He's just another one of those people that love the spotlight that much that his humor even adds in when someone wants to take a picture with him. You gotta love this goof for that.

4. Tom Hiddleston

The guy of all humorous charm Tom Hiddleston who made a bunch of superhero movies more comedic then ever by portraying the villain Loki. Everyone loved him as Loki and thought he was the funniest villain ever seen when the Avengers and Thor movies first came out. He was made a top villain in the villain stakes and that was all due to his comedic words he used. Now he's acting in a totally different form of show called 'The Night Manager' and yet he still knows how to have a bit of a comedic edge in a show that's more about history then it is comedy. His actions are what you watch that makes you go this guy was born with a comedic personality. A goof with charm.

5. Carlos Valdes

Carlos Valdes best known portraying the wacky/geeky scientist on DC's 'The Flash.' His words are humor are so funny on 'The Flash' that he gets the camera men laughing whilst it's happening. He has words that come out so bluntly that it's like he didn't mean it all. It's the joking type attitude that makes Carlos Valdes shine with people's laughter. He could even play a villain and people would love him. He can play anything and know how to be a goof big time with his acting. His character on 'The Flash' Cisco Ramone would say the same thing. He'd go "Carlos, if you were a villain I'd still love you." Because that's how Carlos Valdes rolls. He just has the witty humor to make a crowd cry in laughter. Oh Carlos, how we would miss you if you were off of our television screens.


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