ByNathaniel Rego, writer at
Nathaniel Rego

According to recently a EW issue from last week, OUAT and Disney's Hercules actor Gerald German has been cast as a villain whose none other than Robbie Rotten originally from the former Nick series Lazy Town.

German's voice role of Robbie Rotten will be humorously similar to Hades voiced by James Woods in the animated 1990s Disney film Hercules. Robbie Rotten is the main villain of Backyardigans the Movie as he was from Lazy Town.

Gerald German threatens the world as Hades in Once Upon a Time on ABC Sundays 8pm then Mt Olympus in Hercules live action movie in theaters soon. He also rivals the Backyardigans as the voice of Robbie Rotten in Backyardigans the Movie coming soon also to theaters.


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