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The Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead is less than two weeks now, and fans are biting their nails in anticipation of the finale. Showrunner and cast of the hit television series, The Walking Dead, have teased the introduction of a fan-favorite villain of the graphic novel series making his first appearance in the Season 6 Finale. Along with the introduction of said character, Showrunner Robert Kirkman has teased the "controversial" conclusion to the season 6 finale, hinting at a possible major character death before the end of the episode. SPOILER ALERT: Episode 14 of Season 6 on The Walking Dead saw the death of Dr. Denise Cloyd. Denise had become a series regular on the series but met her demise at the hands of Dwight, a member of the Saviors. Dwight has made a few appearances, and now looks to be a prominent member in Negan's band of Saviors. But Denise's death can't be considered a major character death, implying the death of a major character means the likeliest candidates to die in the Season 6 Finale are the characters who have been around the longest, then there's the characters whose graphic novel counterparts have died in events simultaneously taking place between the television series and the graphic novel timeline. However it needs to be stated that The Walking Dead television series has deviated from the source material of the graphic novels for which the television series is based on, and could completely take another direction when it comes to relatable events taking place on the television series. SPOILER ALERT: As made apparent in Episode 14 of Season 6, the scene wherein Dr. Denise takes an arrow through the eye by Savior, Dwight was portrayed slightly differently in the graphic novel companion. The graphic novel companion had an identical scene where the Saviors and Dwight attack, but Abraham is the one to die. Abraham takes an arrow through the eye, identical to the wound Denise takes which ultimately kills her. The difference in the graphic novel and the television series deviating in such a way presents some interesting repercussions for the remaining survivors, specifically for Abraham. With Abraham's graphic novel counterpart meeting his end, and his live incarnation played by Micheal Cudlitz avoiding his likely death; that puts Abraham's future at risk. Abraham has just made a drastic life decision to leave Rosita and approach Sasha because "life is too damn short". His arc on the television series is only beginning to develop which would put his death in Episode 14 at an inopportune timing on the program. Although deviating from the source material could be showrunner, Robert Kirkman's intention to throw fans off of his intention to kill Abraham in another manner. Abraham's death would be felt more deeply by the rest of the group if he solidifies his place in the group before the end of the season 6 finale, and then ends up being mercilessly killed by Negan or one of his Saviors. It's all possible and just puts Abraham's future up in the air.

The expectations for The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale have come to make a few things clear about what "will" happen and what could happen. One definite presumption that has been affirmed by Show-runner and cast on the finale is that the Season 6 Finale will end on a tragic note. Cast member, Norman Reedus has been quoted stating that not everyone will make it out alive of Season 6 on The Walking Dead, as well as admitting that the survivors left alive won't be taking the losses so well, which could mean that the loss or losses will impact the survivors more than they're prepared to handle. To sum it up, there's going to be at least one "major" character death during the season 6 finale that will have a lasting effect on the remaining survivors on the series. Though, who will be on the chopping block is up to debate at the moment.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale is set to introduce a new character/ antagonist to the series, Negan. Negan has had a standing run in the graphic novels for which The Walking Dead television series is based on, and will make his first appearance on the series in the Season 6 finale. In the graphic novel series of The Walking Dead, the timeline of events that take place are aligning with the events on the television series of The Walking Dead. The current issue number for which the graphic novel ties in with the television series is between 95 and 100. Issues 95-100 introduce the Saviors and Negan to Rick's group of Alexandrians, and that is where the television series is currently at. Rick's group is about to meet The Saviors and Negan in less than two weeks. The events of the graphic novel series have been closely portrayed on-screen which could mean that the graphic novels of The Walking Dead has given away potential spoilers on the finale. Although if Robert Kirkman were to directly depict the events of The Walking Dead graphic novel series exactly the same on-screen, fans would definitely be disappointed; but Robert Kirkman has proved time and again that he's going to keep fans guessing by bringing more surprises to the television series in deviating away from his source material and making the television series its own. The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale will likely see some of the key events of the tied-in graphic novel series happening but not everything will happen according to its comic counterpart. The aspects of the finale for which Robert Kirkman has likely deviated from are the events that will impact the remaining survivors the most when The Walking Dead returns for Season 7.

The most obvious aspect of The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale that is likely to change is (SPOILER ALERT): the character that Negan decides to kill if the television series follows the graphic novel closely will probably not be who we expect. In the graphic novels, Negan kills Glenn out of retribution for his men and to prove a point to Rick's group. Fans have been expecting the events on the television series to take place similarly, as well as Season 6 teasing Glenn's possible death several times by placing him in near-death situations that most characters on The Walking Dead wouldn't survive. Glenn has survived a lot on The Walking Dead, and has made it out unscathed but his graphic novel counterpart hasn't been so lucky. Glenn meets his end at the hands of Negan and could as well on the television series but the events of Season 6 may be hinting at a different, major character death happening rather than the events of the graphic novel repeating itself on screen. The character in question who may meet their end during the finale, and who would explain the cast's response to the events of the Season 6 finale being so grim is Maggie.

Maggie's character arc has grown a lot in Season 6. She's confronted the idea of becoming pregnant, actually getting pregnant, and now protecting the life she has in her hands at all times, all the while trying to stay alive in the zombie apocalypse. Season 6 has heavily focused on Maggie, and the group trying to keep Maggie safe on several occasions just as Lori's pregnancy was built up during Season 2 and Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Episode 12 and 13 of Season 6 has emphasized Maggie's safety and the concept of her child's birth in the world of The Walking Dead. Despite the group's successes in keeping Maggie safe, all their effort may have been for nothing if Maggie is the one to perish on the season 6 finale. Robert Kirkman is not over deviating from his own source material when it comes to decision making on The Walking Dead television series, thus meaning that if his intention is to surprise fans is still intact, Glenn's expected death at the hands of Negan will likely be another fan-favorite character in place of Glenn. The likeliest in that being Maggie. The effect that Maggie's death would have on the group would be tremendous, seeing not only Maggie dying but her unborn child with her would break the hearts of Rick's group and leave Glenn devastated. As well as the possible imagery of an undead baby eating its way out of Maggie's stomach after she's died, which what would happen to the living fetus inside of her; that image would definitely traumatize the hardened group of survivors. That theory of Maggie dying in Glenn's place could tie in to why The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale is set to be tragic in scope. There was also speculation to the possibility of another fan-favorite character dying during the season finale as well, Daryl. It is possible for Daryl to meet his death in place of Glenn, and Daryl has been the one to create offenses against Negan and his group of Saviors. That being said, Daryl's offenses against Negan could make it possible for Daryl to take a fatal beating from Negan, filling in the expected character death set to happen during the Season 6 finale. But anything can happen, even a completely unrelated death may occur. Maybe even another innocent group member like Morgan, Carol, or Michonne might be the biggest casualty of Season 6.

Here's the page in the graphic novel series of The Walking Dead wherein Glenn is murdered by Negan:

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9PM/ET. The Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead is set to premiere on April 2, 2016.


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