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The "Season 2 Daredevil Weekend Binge" is over and the reviews are in. has given it an 8.8, gave it a 9.3, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 86%. While a few other critics may have given the show a less than favorable reviews, the fans have been just as happy with season 2 as they are with season 1. Since season 2 was a a success, that leaves us with another question; what's next for The Devil of Hell's kitchen?


Just like Batman has the Joker, Daredevil has his own psychotic nemesis. He goes by the name Bullseye. Bullseye doesn't have the physical intimidation that Wilson Fisk does and he doesn't have the massive arsenal and military training that The Punisher has. What Bullseye does have is the skill to kill people with anything he throws and a sick sense of humor. It's almost like getting Punisher and Joker rolled up into one sick lunatic. Actually, it's exactly like that. Bullseye kills for money, for a challenge, for fun, or if he's bored. When I said that anything in his hands can be turned into a weapon, that is meant to be taken literally. Toothpicks, pencils, and his trademark playing cards (Gambit has nothing on Bullseye) are all examples of things he can and has killed people with.

It's shocking that Bullseye hasn't been used yet. It's like having a Batman series and never using the Joker or The X-Men without Magneto. Bullseye is the opposite of Daredevil. It's like whatever Daredevil loves, Bullseye has to destroy. So much so that he killed a woman he loved (Elektra) and still remembers that as one of, if not his greatest, kill. As great as Bullseye is, If Netflix wants to stir the pot a bit, they could use Lady Bullseye instead of her male predecessor. Same skills, same ferocity, but with less joking and more discipline.

Drugs and Tragedy:

The way Karen Page has been thinking she's cursed, you can tell that she is almost at her tipping point in life. In season one she was almost killed multiple times, beaten up, and was almost sent to jail for a murder she didn't commit. Then, in season 2, she felt like she was responsible for getting a client killed. If things keep getting worse for Karen Page, she will more than likely end up looking for something to make her feel normal or happy. It may not necessarily be drugs, but the way heroine has been running rampant in certain parts of the United States, it wouldn't be shocking if this was a direction Marvel and Netflix goes. Especially since the Netflix shows are allowed to go darker than The Avengers movies and it happened in the comics.

It may not come as a shock to some of you, but Karen Page and Matt Murdock don't live happily ever after. Their relationship ends in a very tragic way. That's not to say she dies, but it's among the saddest endings to a comic character. Matt Murdock, like most comic characters, can't have happiness for too long. So when their relation takes that turn for the worse, brace yourself because it's only the beginning.

For those of you who don't know and don't mind spoilers, Karen Page's downfall is very Shakespearean. She New York to become an actress and unfortunately ends up doing some pornographic films and while in Hollywood, ends up becoming a heroine addict. And like most love interests of heroes, Karen Page is killed by Daredevil's nemesis Bullseye (another reason to add Bullseye to the show). It's drama like this that would add to the drama of Murdock's life.

Daredevil Exposed:

There was a point in time where Daredevil was ousted as Matt Murdock and all types of poop hit the fan. It's one thing to have your secret identity revealed, it's another thing when you're a lawyer and you dress up as the devil and beat up people you might be prosecuting or defending. Once Matt is proven to be Daredevil, he gets put in jail. Because of Matt Murdock's night life as Daredevil, the prisoners all come out looking for him hoping to get revenge for either him putting a beating on them or putting a beating on someone they know. It doesn't end well for the prisoners at all. You see, this is now an angry and overly aggressive Matt Murdock with nothing to lose. And when is a person at their most dangerous? When they have nothing to lose.

What's great about this series is that you also get the Punisher (which fans have been loving). Castle let's himself get arrested because he has to see it for himself to believe that Murdock would allow himself to get arrested and put in jail. With this story, there's also a potential fight scene during a prison riot where a hit is put out on Murdock and everyone tries to cash in on it. Again, they didn't learn their lesson from the beatings he dished out the first time around.

While Murdock is in jail, Spider-Man and Iron Fist dress up as Daredevil in hopes to prove that Murdock can't be Daredevil if Daredevil is still running around. This last part may be a bit much, but maybe having a bunch of civilians all dressing up to support Murdock would be cool. Kind of like "I am Spartacus", but with a lot less nudity.

Eventually, Wilson Fisk's wife Vanessa testifies that Matt Murdock is not Daredevil and gets Murdock acquitted of his crimes.

Final Thoughts:

These are only three of the many future possibilities for The Man Without Fear and that's one of the good thing about Dardevil being on Netflix. There is no story line that is too taboo or too dark. They can go in so many directions with a character like Matt Murdock and especially with the supporting cast that walks in and out of his life. Hopefully Charlie Cox will stick around for a very long time and give us, the fans, as many classic stories as possible.

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