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(There will be SPOILERS for Supergirl's 'Manhunter')

Let's give a round of applause to the awesomeness that is CBS' Supergirl! The show started off rough in the beginning and has steadily grown into something that I cannot wait to watch every week. Last week's episode, was a tear-jerker, with Kara going bad to the bone and then having a heart-to-heart with Alex. This week dealt with the repercussions of her actions; she has to earn back National City's trust. I have the utmost faith in Supergirl's personality to win back the masses. If some miracle anyone from DCEU is reading this; please, please put Kara and Martian the Manhunter on the big-screen for the world to see.

This week's episode dealt with the fallout of Hank Henshaw's revealing to the public that he was a Martian. Now, in the comics Hank Henshaw was known as Cyborg Superman. He was one of Superman and Green Lantern Corps' greatest enemies. In the New 52 version, Brainiac, created Cyborg Superman out of Zor-El's remains (Jor-El's brother). While Hank was being interviewed by the guy from Warehouse 13, we were finally told what happened to Kara and Alex's father, Jeremiah Danvers. While hunting our favorite Martian, Jeremiah tried to stop Hank from killing him. Hank stabbed Kara's father (JD threw Hank off the cliff) and as he lied dying -- he asked J'onn to look after his daughters while only knowing him for hours. He's a great guy, so I don't blame him.

Martian's relationship with Kara and Alex has been the strongest part of the show throughout the first season. This show does an awesome job with interpersonal relationships between the core characters, especially the amazing Cat Grant. I could seriously right another article praising The Queen of Media. I really would if I thought people would actually read it (she's really that awesome).

So, Martian and Alex was being taken to Cadmus Labs to be experimented on by the United States Government. Lucy somehow knew that Alex was lying about knowing Hank's secret. Of course then Kara had to reveal her secret to Lucy for her help to save them. I am still confused on how Lucy knew that Alex was lying. I don't remember her finding out in a previous episode and if she did -- that would make her a co-conspirator too; for not telling the Government that he was a Martian also, right?

Any who, Kara and Lucy rescued them and this is where things get interesting. While Manhunter was wiping the mind away from Warehouse 13-guy (he has so many awesome powers), he saw Jeremiah Danvers alive and being experimented on at Cadmus Labs. With the recent news of DC's Multi-verse, this is very interesting. Dean Cain who plays Jeremiah Danvers, also played Clark Kent on The Adventures of Lois and Clark! There's no better twist than to have him come back and be a huge villain for Kara and her sister. You would think that Hank Henshaw would be Cyborg Superman, but why wouldn't Kara's father contact the girls if he was alive and well? Kara's father is going to be Cyborg Superman and it will be grand!

Silver Banshee and Live Wire
Silver Banshee and Live Wire

Next week, we get to see The Flash on Supergirl! I honestly have no guesses on how Barry reaches her Earth. What Earth is she even on? I hope that we find out tomorrow on CW's The Flash. As of now, Supergirl is my third-favorite show behind Agents of Shield and The Flash on network television. We'll see how this all will play out going into the home-stretch for the season. Lastly, Silver Banshee finally made an appearance and she's a really nasty person, so she and Live Wire will get along beautifully!

The Flash is on tomorrow on The CW @ 8:00 p.m and Supergirl returns next Monday with Special Guest Star The Flash @ 8:00 p.m.!

Do you think Kara's father is Cyborg Superman?


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