ByTim Glover, writer at

What if you could shake someone's hand and know everything about that person? Could you be able to distinguish your technological needs or necessity from your wants or desires? My new short film N-Touch I'm hard at work on, tackles this idea.

Behind the scene of filming "N-Touch"
Behind the scene of filming "N-Touch"

With a film as a filmmaker you have to create a world. That is just exactly what we did with N-Touch. Imagine a world where every one has a little black implant in their hand and it's the new "cool" thing to have. The world would change, criminal justice systems, employment, social circles, all chosen from getting to know someone instantly. In the short we specifically touch(no pun intended) on how N-Touch effects relationships.

Now while me and my crew are hard at work in post production with the film with intentions of hitting the festival circuit hard later this year, here is a trailer to further show just how different the world would be. Tell me if this were real, would you sign up for N-Touch?


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