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Warning: Spoilers below for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Read ahead only if you've already seen the movie or if you don't care about spoilers.

When it was first announced that Ben Affleck would be playing the caped crusader in Batman v Superman over two years ago, the internet went wild. Some people loved the decision to cast the Argo actor in this legendary role, whereas many others thought it was a terrible one. I will admit that even I had my doubts.

As each new trailer or image for the movie came out, those haters
slowly began to die out, making the majority of people in favor in the risky casting decisions. As we were slowly introduced to his version of Bruce Wayne - to his voice and to his different batsuits - we slowly learned to love the character now known as "Batfleck."

Now that we've finally seen the movie, there's only one thing I have to say, and please excuse my language, but HOLY SH*T.

That movie simply blew away all expectations, especially Batfleck himself. Sure, Superman and Wonder Woman were phenomenal, but Batman was the true star of the show. Ben Affleck simply blew it away as the Dark Knight, and I am now extremely excited for his character to return in later films.

Here are five ways Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice proved that Ben Affleck is the best Batman ever!

1. The confidence in his voice was absolutely perfect

Sure, Christian Bale's Batman voice is a lot of fun to imitate, but Ben Affleck's voice truly captured the spirit of the bat vigilante. Whether he was just regular Bruce Wayne, or dressed in the cape and cowl, Affleck truly transformed into the Batman we have been waiting for.

Every time he spoke, you could hear the confidence in his voice, the confidence that you need if you are to dress up as a bat and face off against a "god." His Batman voice gave a great, new version of the crusader. Give it a month and the Batfleck voice will be just as popular as Christian Bale's Batman voice was.

2. His fighting brutality is the best we've seen

Batman v Superman gave us the thing we wanted most out of a superhero movies: lots and lots of fight scenes. These fight scenes really utilized how awesome Batman is supposed to be. Whether he was fighting Superman, Doomsday or a bunch of thugs, Batman seriously kicked ass.

It's not easy to fight off a swarm of thugs, nor is it easy to fight off someone as powerful as Superman, but Ben Affleck's Batman managed to pull it off while still maintaining his confidence in the matter. Affleck's impressive acting styles really helped pull this confidence off, even in some of the biggest fights.

3. He has a seemingly endless collection - and what he doesn't have, he will get

He's a billionaire, yes, but some of the things that Bruce Wayne managed to acquire are very hard to come by. As the movie showed, Wayne would do anything to get his hands on the tools he needed - including Kryptonite.

In addition to acquiring stuff, Batfleck already has a wide assortment of tech. Take a closer look at some of the Batsuits used in the movie - they may even rival Iron Man's technology! Plus, the vehicles like the Batmobile and the Batjet are any driver's or pilot's dream.

4. His absolute disobedience to Superman was enough to give us chills

Though we had already seen clips of some of these scenes in the trailer, seeing it in full on the big screen was truly fantastic. We had already seen from promotional clips that Superman told Batman not to go to the Bat-signal again, stating that, "the bat is dead." Then, in other clips in trailers, we saw Batman lighting the Bat-signal himself.

Though we knew these two parts were connected from the promotions, seeing it all come together was spine-chilling. Any other human would never disobey someone as powerful as Superman, but Batfleck gave Superman the equivalent of an enormous middle finger by lighting the signal himself. Sure, Superman was pissed about it, but it was so worth it to see Batman completely disobey Superman. It really displays how fantastic this new Caped Crusader can be.

5. THAT Fight Scene

If you've seen the movie, I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about. The final fight of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman fighting Doomsday was simply mind-blowing because of how epic it was. Sure, it made sense for Superman and Wonder Woman to fight an enormous beast like Doomsday, but to see Batman, the only normal human among them, do just as much damage was glorious.

In previous movies, we had seen Batman face off against goons like Joker, Riddler and Bane - but they are nothing compared to Doomsday. Whereas the other Batman villains are just normal men like Batman himself, Doomsday is much more. Finally seeing Batman fight such a powerful beast on screen is easily what made Batfleck the best Batman ever. Finally, we got the comic book Batman we have been dying for - the one that doesn't only fight men, but fights monsters, and still doesn't lose his cool.

Every word I said against Ben Affleck, I immediately take it back. Batfleck is easily the greatest Batman we have ever had on screen. I love Christian Bale, Michael Keaton and even Adam West as Batman, but Ben Affleck blew them out of the water.

Whether he was disobeying Superman, getting his hands on Kryptonite, fighting countless goons, fighting an enormous 'baddie' like Doomsday, or holding the confidence in his voice throughout, Batfleck was spectacular. We have to call it now - the upcoming solo Batman movie will easily be the best Batman film yet, especially if Ben Affleck keeps up his great work.

Did you enjoy Ben Affleck as Batman? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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