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After one week break Dragon Ball Super finally returns with a stunning episode 35. This article contains full review and breakdown. so, SPOILER ALERT!


If you ask me this is one must watch episode. The episode had so much happening! I absolutely enjoyed the entire episode. And I think its the best till now or at-least a top 3 tire thingy.

I would like to begin with highlighting the 5 major things that happened in this episode -

Number 5:

Vegeta vs Frost no disqualification match starts. Vegeta goes Super Saiyan right in the beginning and defeats frost with just one brutal punch.

Number 4:

We finally get the answer to if Goku will return. And it’s positive. After the ‘Vegeta vs Frost ‘ match Beerus starts looking for the hole mark left by Frost’s needle. He finds it and appeals for Goku’s return since he was defeated by illegal means. Champa seems ok with it. So, yes fellas Goku is back. Piccolo is still considered eliminated since he forfeited contrary to Goku.

Number 3:

Goku requests Beerus to let him be the last fighter but Beerus denies and says Monaka will be the last to fight. And when inquired further it became clear that Beerus is actually hiding something about Monaka. It’s further confirmed when Whis says to Beerus ‘How long are you going to lie? ‘

So Monaka is either very powerful or weak. Or he might be related with something Goku and his squad knows of.

Number 2:

After Frost is defeated he sneaks behind the arena and goes towards Champa’s cube. Champa’s cube is basically filled with immensely luxurious gifts. The deal was if universe 6 wins the tournament they can take anything they want from there. Greedy Frost wanted to have it by himself. But while he was approaching it Vados noticed and followed him to put a stop there. But, the Hit man hitto or hit reaches there before him and stops Frost. Hit absolutely frustrates Frost and Frost mentions that Hit is a legendary assassin and questions if someone hired to kill him. Hit attacks Frost with this new move he doesn’t move. Energy blasts starts piercing Frost from inside holes are created on his body and looks like all the ki’s are drained out or something like that. I am not sure about what type of attack it was exactly. But it was god damn awesome.

Number 1:

Vegeta vs Magetta Dragon Ball Super
Vegeta vs Magetta Dragon Ball Super

So Vegeta vs Maggeta match up starts. Champa adds a layer of air barrier and makes a new rule that if any fighter touches the air barrier he is out. He did that mainly to create an advantageous environment for Maggeta with the excuse of protecting the audience. Apparently Magetta drinks this very hot lava like liquid and actually has this lava inside his body which is the main source of power of this metal man. At the beginning it looked like Magetta is powerful yet slow and was having tough time keeping up with vegeta. But he soon increased both his speed and strength. While Vegeta made a technical mistake of going to near the air barrier and Magetta keeps throwing this flame-thrower like attack and Vegeta keeps dodging it. And then as the situation got critical he goes super to stop the attack. However, Magetta also boosts his power up as the hot fluid inside his body starts coming out from his mouth and spiral opening at his head. And he is apparently emitting immense heat. Since the arena is covered up with air barrier Champa created the place starts getting heated up. Vegeta has a hard time as he breathes heavily. Thus, the environment is clearly helping Magetta.

And this is where the episode ends.

Vegeta Final Flash Dragon Ball Super
Vegeta Final Flash Dragon Ball Super

Additionally from the trailer of Dragon Ball Super Episode 36, we see Vegeta using Final Flash against Magetta's ultimate flamethrower like attack. A scene indicates Cabe standing up which implies Vegeta will somehow defeat Magetta and move on to face Cabe. We also see Frost sitting besides Hit so it means he wasn't killed.

The animation quality of this episode was extremely good compared to the standard established by Draon Ball Super till now. Then again this is just the raw version. The versions we usually see on TV are the mastered version that comes with a lot of fixes and editing.

There’s just one thing not particularly related with episode 35 that I want to mention. I thought Super would allow more screen time to Piccolo and other Z fighters. Sometimes it can get boring to see only Saiyans fighting. I want new super namek transformation for Piccolo. I want Tien and Krillen back on action. Looks like that is never going to happen with Goku and Vegeta fighting over and over again. With next nearest possibility being Gohan who is also a saiyan backed by Trunks and Goten.

However, about the ‘Vegeta vs Frost’ match. It ended surprisingly quickly. Well some fans think that Frost should have put up a fight before losing because he in whatever ways defeated Goku and Piccolo so just one shot was not proper.

Well, I think it should have ended differently I don’t agree with Frost being able to put up a fight. Because Goku and Piccolo gave him too much space not taking him out instantly. So Vegeta was in a raged condition and it’s just logically obvious that weak Frost couldn’t really keep up with him at all. Just that I though Vegeta could have tortured him some more before eliminating him. I was expecting some violence and blood and all that you know. Vegeta could have used some epic lines meanwhile. However, this one shot thing was also good enough for me.

Anyway Goku is now back in the tournament since he was eliminated illegally by Frost. The reason Piccolo will still be considered defeated is because Vegeta made him forfeit case not same with Goku. Then, Beerus is certainly hiding something. He is not even letting Goku talk with Monaka when Goku went near Beerus absolutely slapped him away. Though Beerus claimed the reason Monaka is going last is because he is the strongest. And he is concentrating his ki and might harm friends or foe without differentiating. But, Beerus looked frustrated and Whis actually said how long he is going to lie. So I highly doubt what he said is the real case. Could Monaka have some history that might bother them or does he posses immense power?

Or could that theory of Monaka not actually being the strongest be true?

Hit is revealed as a legendary hitman. And I just think his character got cooler x 10 times.

And I really liked Magetta. He is just a very likeable character. Magetta is a very unique character he has this classical robotic design then again he is not actually robot but a metal man!

He has this epic hot lava fluid inside him. His moves are different and something the like we have never seen before. Kind of have similarities with the transformers in one way. Overall it is very refreshing to see such a new type of character.

I also liked how the ‘Vegeta vs Magetta’ fight has progressed till now. Its great how it’s not all about power. Dragon Ball went through a phase where they were like he is stronger than him so he wins. But, this tournament is bringing back those earlier tournament days’ like- Master Roshi vs Goku, Goku vs Piccolo or Tien. When technique and strategies often overpowered the actual power! This match has been very tactical till now Magetta heating up the arena and in preview we saw Vegeta using Final Flash. We are getting to see this move after a long time and I’m really excited about the next episode.

So, guys what do you think about episode 35? and what do you expect from episode 36?

Comment your opinion down bellow and let us know!


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