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First image of Batman: The Killing Joke animated movie got revealed.


Mark Hamill the most renowned voice of Joker. Who previously retired from portraying Joker; revealed the first image of this movie showing both Batman and Joker. And yes he is portraying Joker this time along with Kevin Conroy voicing Batman.

This movie obviously sets itself apart from other DC animated movies that came out recently. As it is most likely going to be an R rated movie. The Killing Joke is a fan-favorite Batman comic and it probably has the best and most definitive Joker story ever with some of the finest quotes too. Also the tale of how Joker tries to tries to change Commissioner Gordon with just one bad day.

However, this is not the first time they are planning to make an animated adaptation of The Killing Joke. They had a similar plan at 2009 and in-fact started the project which continued for 2 weeks. And it was later canceled because they were not satisfied with how R rated watchman performed at the box office and thought it wouldn’t really be a good idea to release another R rated film at that moment.

But, now at 2016 they finally decided to release probably R rated Batman: The Killing Joke because of the recent success Deadpool got.

And from what I am observing it looks like they took a good decision. After the legendary voice of Joker Mark Hamil revealed the picture it is getting a lot of hype. He posted the picture 3 times from his twitter account with 3 different epic quotes from ‘The Killing Joke’. It looks like this one picture is getting more hype than many of the actual trailers get. This is movie is obviously highly anticipated by the fans. I myself waited a very long time to see this happening. This also looks like the perfect time to release a R rated film because fans are basically demanding it.

This movie could also start the trend of R rated animated movies. And seriously I don’t see how it could honestly depict the original story and characters from ‘The Killing Joke’ comic like materials involving Barbara Gordon with a PG-13 rating. Since DC has a reputation for remaining true to the comics this most probably will be a hard to watch R rated movie.

Looking at the first image that got revealed the animation quality looks very cool to me. Both Batman and Joker look very likeable so I assume they are putting a lot of work into this to make it as good as possible. The Killing Joke is certainly something they would try not to ruin.

So, I am absolutely excited to see the adaptation of the best Batman story ever with Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy back to portray Batman and Joker also it looks like it’s going to be R rated. I mean that’s almost all I could ask for from a DC movie. It is as good as it gets.

So, what do you think about this? How will it turn out?

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