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WARNING: Possible spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' TV and comic series ahead. Proceed with caution.

After a slow first act, Episode 14 of The Walking Dead, "Twice As Far," took off in the second half with the big reveal of more Saviors led by the recognizable Dwight. The episode saw heartbreak, with the death of Denise; a glimmer of hope, with the discovery of more medication and bullet-making facilities; and finally had one last total surprise when Carol up and left Alexandria, leaving only a note.

The episode had lots to keep everyone interested, but for those fans who have also read the comic books, there were many moments from Issue 98 that came to life in the episode (and also a cheeky reference to Issue 77!). The TV series both copied and reinterpreted some of the moments from the comic, creating an episode that was both familiar to watch as a comic reader, but also different enough that it kept us on our toes.

Take a look below to see just how close Episode 14, "Twice As Far," copied the comic series and then be sure to let me know what your favorite comic-to-screen moment was in the comments below.

Beef Jerky Stroganoff

Spencer chatting beef jerky stroganoff.
Spencer chatting beef jerky stroganoff.

Right at the beginning of the episode, Spencer follows Rosita out onto the street and offers to make her his beef jerky stroganoff, which Rosita begrudgingly accepts. This was a cool little nod to Issue 77 of the comic series in which Spencer offers to make the same beef jerky stroganoff for Andrea! For those that might not know, in the comic series Andrea is both a much more capable character than she ever was in the TV series and is still alive.

Abraham And Eugene On The Way To The Bullet Factory

Eugene and Abraham in both the comic and TV series.
Eugene and Abraham in both the comic and TV series.

Much like Abe and Eugene in the TV series, their comic book counterparts also set off on a mission to check out the possible bullet-making equipment outside of Alexandria in Issue 98. However, in the comic series, the pair talked quite intensely about Eugene's growing relationship with Abraham's ex-girlfriend Rosita and we saw none of that in the TV series.

Denise Dying As Abraham Did

Denise's death would have been shocking for many comic book fans who had been certain Abraham was going to die (myself included). However, Scott Gimple and his crew promised us "hard left turns" from the comic series and they definitely delivered. Despite being a different character and in a different location, Denise died the same death as Abraham in Issue 98 of the comics — being shot through the eye with an arrow by Dwight. It was dramatic, surprising and certainly caught many viewers by surprise.

Dwight And The Saviors Appearing

Of course, following Denise's death, Dwight and the heavily armed Saviors revealed themselves. Again this was similar but also different to how it played out in the comics. In the source material the Saviors show themselves to Eugene, who they tie up and bring to the gates of Alexandria where a shootout commences. This was slightly changed in the series as the Saviors already had Eugene tied up and instead revealed themselves to Daryl and Rosita.

Dwight's Burned Face

Dwight's scorched mug was straight out of the comics, and man did it look painful! For more information on how Dwight got that unfortunate injury, take a look over here.

Dick Bite!

I gotta say, for me this was the hilarious highlight of the episode (though it probably wasn't Dwight's highlight) and it came straight from a panel in the comic. In the comic series, Eugene's quick thinking allowed enough time to distract the lead Savior so that Rick and the gang could shoot many of the rival group. This was also the same tactic used in Episode 14. However, it was just Rosita, Daryl and the hiding Abraham who were fighting against the Saviors.

"Twice As Far" mirrored Issue 98 for the comics pretty faithfully, and it definitely seems to indicate that we're on track for a season finale that will mirror the big Issue 100 (Negan and Lucille's introduction). So what will happen next week, and will it reflect the comics? Unfortunately we'll just have to wait until Sunday to find out!

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 15, 'East,' on Sunday, March 27 on AMC.

Did you notice all the similarities to the comic series in 'Twice As Far'?

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