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We all know that space movies such as Star Wars or Gravity could not have been done without CGI, for obvious reasons. But while some scenes were entirely made by a computers, the best ones remain those that are part real-life acting, part special effects... and the behind-the-scenes pictures that come along with it.

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Few pictures of movie sets are as hilarious as actors donning greyish suits covered in electrodes, or actors in a bright green onesie whose face we won't even get to see in the movie. Also, kudos to those who manage to pull a sad face when interacting with a guy in green spandex. A lot of actors probably have no idea what the movie is actually going to look like until the premier.

Screen Rant compiled a video of the before and after shots of 20 movies using CGI, and here are some of our favorites:

1. 'The Revenant'

We've all heard of the famous bear scene, but did you know that it was this guy who played the bear that attacks Leo?

2. 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Sean Gunn, the younger brother of director James Gunn, is the on-set Rocket.

3. 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

It was probably far from easy to act all intimidated by a crew of men in grey sweats and bits of face paint.

4. 'Planet of the Apes'

The genetic resemblance of humans and apes must have helped with the motion capture, as the apes were all played by actors on the set.

5. 'Twilight'

Usually, someone else steps in for the main actor of a character when he's going to be replaced by CGI, but Taylor Lautner, who plays the werewolf in Twilight, let his co-star Kristen Stewart pat his head.

6. 'I, Robot'

Let's imagine a movie where men in green suits capture those not wearing green suits, because it looks as terrifying as the alien version.

7. 'Captain America: The First Avenger'

To bring frail Steve Rogers to life, the creators of the first Captain America used a double and Chris Evans, then merged the two versions.

8. 'Star Wars: Episode V'

The iconic scene where Darth Vader reveals to Luke that he's his father, after cutting poor Luke's hand off, obviously involves special effects. But did you imagine that the set was covered in mattresses to catch Luke's fall?

Watch The Entire Video:

Do you think it's funny to see the set of movies using CGI, or would you rather keep the magic alive?

Source: Screen Rant


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