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There probably isn't a 20-something on the planet who wasn't addicted to Disney's animated TV series Recess in the late '90s, the show that hilariously documented the lunch-break shenanigans all school students wished they'd experienced.

By this reasoning, a lot of people will probably lose their minds when they see how smokin' hot the guy who voiced T.J. Detweiler is now.

Behind the character of T.J., the group's mischievous ringleader, was a floppy-haired teen by the name of Andrew Lawrence.

Fans of the Disney Channel sitcom Brotherly Love probably know Andy already, as he starred alongside big brothers Joey and Matthew Lawrence:

Andrew is the tiny one with the bowl cut. Adorable!

Well, he's not so cute anymore — in fact, he's hot AF!

Check out the below assortment of babe evidence found on his Instagram account:

(And he sings, too!)

Check out how much his siblings have also changed!

Which Lawrence brother do you like the most?


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