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(WARNING: The following contains GIANT, HULKING PLOT SPOILERS for the recently released 'Daredevil' Season 2. If you haven't yet watched all the way through Episode 13, then proceed with whatever level of caution your innate sense of SPOILER-aversion suggests is wise...)

Now, assuming you've already made it through Daredevil Season 2's 13 or so hours of devilish awesomeness (and if you haven't, it's worth finishing it off before continuing down this page), then your brain is probably still processing the giant pile of Easter Eggs, Marvel Cinematic Universe references and honest-to-goodness cameos that were hiding in the show.

If you're concerned that you might have missed any, though, then fear not.

This Video Contains Pretty Much Every 'Daredevil' Season 2 Easter Egg You'll Ever Need

Arriving fresh from the geektastic production line of Mr Sunday Movies, the video contains a whole heap of hidden gems — including the following nine shiny secrets.

First up?

(And once again, MAJOR SPOILERS for Daredevil Season 2 lie below...)

9. Daredevil's Mom Might Have Made A Sneaky Cameo Appearance

Specifically, that nun we saw looking after young Matt in the flashback? If the show ends up following comic book canon, then there's a pretty solid chance that's Matt's mom Maggie Murdock, who left the family when Matt was a baby but returned to his life in the seminal Born Again plot arc.

8. Finn Cooley Might Not Be Gone For Good

Now sure, we watched The Punisher blow Cooley's face off, but seeing as how the character's comic book appearance was defined by horrific facial scarring, there's always the chance that he'll pop back up in a Punisher solo series somewhere down the line.

7. Blacksmith Isn't Quite Who You Think He Is

Or rather, there really isn't much of a Marvel comic book basis for the villain, with the main character to share the name being a shape-shifting alien of the Skrull persuasion, who briefly infiltrated a minor league super team. A Moon Knight villain also briefly used the name, but with him being no more a sinister heroin dealer than the aforementioned alien, it seems that Blacksmith is a pretty solid show-only character.

6. Ben Donovan Isn't As Big As Usual

Now Wilson Fisk's lawyer Benjamin Donovan has a long history of being a thorn in Luke Cage's side — but as a giant, immensely strong thug, rather than a dastardly lawyer. You kind of get the feeling that he'll be just as dangerous in Cage's upcoming solo series, though.

5. That 'Micro' Disc Is Totally Setting Up The Punisher's Solo Series

With Microchip having been both The Punisher's weapons dealer and a stolid foe over the years, it's tough to tell what the appearance of that Micro-labelled disc is hinting at for the character — but it's surely an appearance in a Punisher solo series.

4. That Chained-Up Scene Was Basically Taken Shot-For-Shot From The Comic Book

Specifically, the Garth Ennis-penned tale 'The Choice' from 2000's Punisher #3, in which Frank Castle chained Daredevil up in much the same fashion and gave him a similar choice to either kill him or let a guilty man die. Things worked out a little more cynically in the comic book (Daredevil took the shot, proving The Punisher's point, but found the chamber was empty), but it's about as shot-for-shot an adaptation as you ever see nowadays.

3. Elektra's Death Was Very Different To The Comic Book Version — And Yet Strangely Similar

Fans of 1980s Frank Miller comic books could have been forgiven for thinking that Elektra would survive proceedings thanks to the absence of the assassin Bullseye, who famously killed her back in Daredevil #181. Her eventual death did, however, mirror the iconic image of the death blow piercing her body, but not her costume.

2. Jeri Hogarth Just Set Up a Major 'Jessica Jones' Cameo

Specifically, Foggy Nelson. With Hogarth hiring Foggy, there's now a far better chance we'll see him turn up in Jessica Jones... and perhaps even both Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Could everyone's favorite larger lawyer take over some of Rosario Dawson's connective role now that she's stepping down as a nurse (for now, at any rate)?

1. Someone Needs To Give The Hand A Hand

Or, at least, that one member who got their hand chopped off, which works as both a solid visual pun, and a nod to the recurring visual trope within Marvel's Phase 2 of character's losing hands.

All of which is really just the tip of the Easter Egg iceberg...

What do you think?


Who would you most like to see turn up in a future MCU show?

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