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(Warning — if you don't want to know any details of future episodes of Fox and DC's Gotham, then proceed with caution. After all, potential SPOILERS might just abound below...)

Now, with Gotham happily hoarding Batman villains in much the manner of a delirious, collection-crazed Ash Ketchum, it's perhaps not too surprising that yet another iconic member of Batman's rogues gallery looks set to head to the show. After all, there are only so many Bat-related foes out there, and with Jim Gordon being remarkably effective at imprisoning the ones who are already around, a constant stream of villainy is seemingly always needed.

And so it is that...

One Of Batman's Most Iconic Foes Is Finally Heading To 'Gotham'

Specifically, Clayface.

That's right, that Clayface. Or, at least, some variation on the classic mud-splattered villain. is now reporting that actor Brian McManamon is heading to the show as Basil Karlo, who bat-fans will recall was the original Clayface (there have been a lot of incarnations of the villain).

Now, the fact that we're set to see the Karlo-era Clayface suggests that we may well see a fairly CGI-free version of the villain in the short-term, seeing as Karlo's first appearance came way back in 1940s Detective Comics #40, where he was more a murder-y actor than a modern day supervillain.

In fact, don't be too surprised if we see some elements of that origin story — Karlo dressed up as the villain of the movie that made him famous to murder the new stars of its remake — in the show...

After all, that's exactly the sort of crime Jim Gordon would get called in on...

What do you think, though?


How do you want to see Clayface in Gotham?



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