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Creepypastas are part of Internet folklore, an amalgamation of open dialogue, wild imaginations, and our deepest, darkest fears. One of the more well known and scary creations is Jeff the Killer, a bizarre murderer with a constant, disconcerting smirk.

Vitaly Podolyak, who owns his own production company, Purity Films, is taking on the challenge of translating the creepy tale into a frightful film. In an interview with, the director confirmed this killer would be "charismatic" and "attractive." He said:

“Slashers tend to focus on the villain instead of the victims who survived his attack, which will help to reveal the antagonist’s character better. This is why we stepped aside from the image of a silent killer in a mask.”

An Exploration Into Jeff's Backstory

(Source: Purity Films)
(Source: Purity Films)

The film will focus on the killer's backstory, uncovering why and how he came to be, as well as exploring "outrageous cruelty," you know, for those fans who just want some blood and guts.

The trailer is, admittedly, unnerving. With a jaunty soundtrack, quick-fire editing and disorientating flashes of debauchery, Podolyak's lecherous killer could indeed turn out to be a genuine terror. Take a look below:

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