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It felt as if the entire world gasped a sigh of relief when, finally, we all got a glimpse of Tom Holland's frantically anticipated appearance as Spider-Man in the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer.

The web-slinger was only on screen for a couple of seconds, but boy, were they worth it; we know he's siding with Tony Stark, we've seen the outfit and we've heard the voice. But, the only problem is, this has just left us wanting more.

In The Actor's New IMDB Photograph, We See A Brief Look At The Spidey Costume Hidden Below His Clothes

Such demand won't be lost on the 19-year-old actor or his mother Nikki Holland, who also acts as his official photographer. Indeed, the pair have made a subtle reference to the trailer in the below photograph, where Tony Stark refers to Peter Parker as "underoos."

(Source: Nikki Holland)
(Source: Nikki Holland)

Although it's not much, it's still an awesome and understated nod toward Holland's upcoming adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Next — some more footage, please!

'Captain America: Civil War' is released on May 6th.

What did you think of Spider-Man's appearance in the 'Civil War' trailer?

Source: IMDB


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