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You would expect for celebrities to know more than most, that not everything you read on the Internet is true. However, Miley Cyrus just proved that's definitely not the case by falling for a fake High School Musical meme and well, we've all been there.

The former Miss. Montana posted the below meme, captioning it with,

“Whaaaaat?!?! How’d I not know this!”

Well, Miley, the reason you probably didn't know that is because Meghan Trainor was not from High School Musical. In fact, she would have been only 12 years old when the first movie was released. Though, to be fair, the resemblance is strong.

KayCee Stroh is the actress who actually plays Martha in HSM and what makes this even more hilarious is that Miley would have known this already — seeing Stroh cameoed in Cyrus's 2009 film, Hannah Montana: The Movie. Lol, awkward!

Miley updated her Instagram post blaming ganj for the confusion and, thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any bad blood from Stroh's end. She responded to the mix up by sharing multiple pics reminding Miley of the (clearly not so memorable) times they've spent together.


Have you ever fallen for a false Internet meme?


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